Foreign investment in Nigeria fell by more than 80%

The imperfection of the national legislative framework, which does not protect the property of foreign entrepreneurs, along with terrorist activity and an authoritarian regime, also hinders the development of the economy. Fadiran notes that with the fall in foreign inflows, the level of national investment has declined. The reason for this was the ongoing conflict … Read more

Militants attack police station in Nigeria Monika Skolimowska/dpa Abuja, 28 September. Unknown people broke into a police station in the Nigerian state of Oyo. The perpetrators shot and killed a police officer and a suspect who was in custody. The attackers killed the investigator and an accomplice who testified. Probably, the latter could disclose information related to the activities of … Read more

Nigeria has become a world outsider in terms of quality and speed of the Internet

Despite the relatively high level of economic development in the region, the state has a rather slow Internet compared to neighbors such as Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone and Togo. Download speeds in Abuja were 20.97 Mbps, while the world’s fastest Singapore scored 298 Mbps.

how radical groups in Nigeria enrich themselves from illegal oil production

The smuggling of weapons, drugs and the trade in natural resources on the black market bring enormous income to terrorists. The militants then use the funds received from illegal activities to recruit supporters, buy ammunition, ammunition and equipment. The clearest example of such a formation is the “Islamic State✱ in West Africa” ​​(ISWAP – a … Read more

Terrorists kill 15 civilians at a mosque in northwest Nigeria

According to sources, the action was a response of armed groups to the actions of the authorities in the state. Recently, the police have been cleaning up Zamafara from militants of the Boko Haram group banned in Russia✱, which keeps the local population in fear. Both Christians and Muslims are being targeted by the radicals.

Hackers break into 18 banks in Nigeria and steal more than a million US dollars Abuja, 22 September. Nigerian police have detained two suspects in a hacking attack on 18 private banks. The criminals managed to steal more than 1 million dollars. Law enforcement agencies reported on the successful operation to catch the scammers responsible for cyber attacks on the national financial system. According to representatives of the Economic … Read more

Militants ransacked a village 100 kilometers from the capital of Nigeria

The militants organized a raid on the evening of September 20. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators broke into the village on motorcycles and started firing randomly into the air. They then robbed several shops, including pharmacies, took out all the alcoholic drinks and took eight people hostage.