Muscovite received a year and a half in prison for trying to kill a newborn daughter A resident of Moscow appeared before the court. She was found guilty of attempted murder of her newborn child. Law enforcement officers found that the pregnant 43-year-old figurant was not registered with the antenatal clinic. She did not care about the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The Muscovite gave birth to a baby in … Read more

A resident of Mordovia found a box with newborn twins near the house An unknown woman threw her newborn daughters to the gates of a private house in Mordovia. The twins, wrapped in a blanket, were found in a diaper box, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the republic reported. A resident of the city of Krasnoslobodsk turned to the police. Arriving … Read more

A resident of the Voronezh region will answer in court for the attempted murder of a newborn son

A resident of the Voronezh region will stand trial for the attempted murder of her newborn son. Employees of the prosecutor’s office of the Semiluksky district approved the indictment in the criminal case against the woman, the regional supervisory authority reported. .

In the Tyumen maternity hospital, a newborn girl burned the tip of her nose during procedures

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia put under his personal control the investigation of the case of a newborn who was seriously injured in the Tyumen maternity hospital. Data about this appeared on Friday in the department’s Telegram channel. .

Voronezh doctors managed to save a newborn with heart disease

As noted by pediatric cardiac surgeon Sergei Bykov, the doctors performed a unique hybrid operation, during which the crankcase was brought through the right external carotid artery and the aortic valve was opened with a special balloon. The baby’s life was saved, now he feels well, but soon he will have to do another operation. … Read more