The expansion of BAM hung on the branch // The government is awaiting the decision of Elgaugol on the construction of the Elga-Chumikan line

Russian Railways is ready to increase the carrying capacity of BAM by 17 million tons for the export of coal from Yakutia for the future volumes of the Elga deposit, which can be used for an investment tariff or under a ship-or-pay agreement. If “Elgaugol” needs more carrying capacity, then, according to the government, it … Read more

Forbes Gathers Tips // Magazine Hired External Consultants to Increase Business Value

As it became known to Kommersant, Forbes magazine changed part of the management team and attracted Maxim Tadevosyan and Rafael Abrahamyan, who came from Rambler & Co as consultants. Their bureau, RAMT, has pledged to increase the value of the publication’s business by the end of 2023 by launching new products. A number of Kommersant’s … Read more

Half of Russians are ready to spend up to 5 thousand rubles on gifts for the New Year

15% of Russians are ready to spend more than 10 thousand rubles on gifts for the New Year, it follows from a survey of the service for placing ads “Avito”. 23% of respondents plan to allocate from 5 to 10 thousand rubles for gifts, 51% of respondents – no more than 5 thousand rubles. Sweets … Read more

White House Expands Space // Information about land, real estate and resources will be brought together

The White House approved a new state program “National Spatial Data System” – by combining all information about land, infrastructure and natural resources, it should stimulate the introduction of new infrastructure facilities and simplify housing construction. For the construction of housing, however, they will also look for additional ways to maintain the high accumulated rates; … Read more

Guilty without BIM // Construction industry is not ready for digital modeling

Less than a month is left before the obligatory transition of contractors and designers of state structures to BIM technologies – digital modeling of projects, but 85% of market participants are still not ready for it. This threatens them with the loss of new contracts for the construction of facilities financed from budgetary funds. And … Read more