The statistics of the YARUS social network claims: women knit, men read the news

press service of Yarus Needlework, music and psychology are of most interest to Russians according to the statistics of the YARUS social network. Politics is far behind. The statistics are generated on the basis of personal “tiers”. This is a detailed setting that specifies the word or phrase for which the user wants to receive … Read more

The number of fraudsters in the network has grown since the beginning of partial mobilization

From the beginning of partial mobilization, vacancies began to appear on announcement sites offering to receive a deferment, and in Telegram, the number of offers for the sale of diplomas increased by more than 20 times. Izvestia figured out how to calculate a fake vacancy, why there is no point in hastily buying documents on … Read more

The expert revealed a legal way to remove your data from the Network

Any Russian has the opportunity to revoke the right to process their personal data from the Internet service. This was announced by the director of the Center for Legal Assistance to Citizens in the Digital Environment, owned by Roskomnadzor, Lyudmila Kurovskaya, in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. Moreover, a person does not need to resolve this … Read more

New 5G mobile network may be built along the railway in Russia

NEVA NEWS The Russian authorities have extended the permission to use the frequencies 1900-1920 MHz of Antares company to launch 5G along the railways. This will provide train passengers with high-speed Internet. The decision to extend the permit for ten years was made on August 18 by the State Commission on Radio Frequencies. The issue … Read more

An employee of the defense industry enterprise received a warning from the FSB for “leaking” secret data to the Network

About the state of emergency writes, citing a source in the department. According to security officials, the man uploaded several electronic files to the cloud storage, one of which contained the very top secret information. It is noted that the service was publicly available. An employee of the enterprise avoided prosecution due to the … Read more