Interior Ministry checks Netflix for LGBT propaganda

The Russian Interior Ministry is checking the Netflix streaming service for compliance with the law banning LGBT propaganda. Earlier, Olga Baranets, the family protection commissioner, complained to the agency that there are LGBT-themed series on Netflix labeled “16 +.” “Until the completion of the relevant inspections and examinations, comments on the topic of the request … Read more

Interior Ministry will check Netflix for LGBT propaganda

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check the streaming service of films and TV series Netflix for violations of the law on the promotion of unconventional sexual relations among minors after activist Olga Baranets contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was reported on Wednesday, November 24, by Vedomosti. “I believe that the actions of … Read more

Interior Ministry will check Netflix for LGBT propaganda

The Ministry of Internal Affairs took into consideration the appeal of the activist Olga Baranets, who calls herself the Commissioner for the Protection of the Family, in which she complained about the demonstration of LGBT-themed TV series on Netflix. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the text of the notification, which came to … Read more

Roskomnadzor gave the command to land // A list of foreign IT companies that are obliged to open representative offices in the Russian Federation

Roskomnadzor has identified a list of companies that will fall under the new law “on landing”, that is, they will have to open a representative office in Russia, install an attendance counter and delete information that “violates Russian law.” The list, as expected, included Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, but, for example, Netflix was not there. … Read more

Bloomberg: Netflix Estimates Profit From The Squid Game At Nearly $ 900 Million

The South Korean series Squid Game brought streaming service Netflix $ 891.1 million at a production cost of $ 21.4 million, Bloomberg reported, citing internal Netflix filings. The company noted that about 132 million people watched at least two minutes of the show in the first 23 days of the show. Earlier, Netflix publicly reported … Read more