Ex-senator Klintsevich explained the reasons for the NSDC ban on negotiations with Russia

The United States is not happy with the possible continuation of the dialogue, he said. That is why they promised to hand over a thousand tanks to the nationalists. Despite the fact that this technique is already becoming obsolete, it is still quite effective in capable hands. In addition, NATO continues to train more and … Read more

There are no problems in the negotiations between Turkey and Russia on gas, a source said

Source: There are no problems in the negotiations between Turkey and Russia on gas, everything is based on trust © Photo : Turkish StreamSymbolic weld of Turkish Stream © Photo : Turkish Stream Symbolic weld seam of Turkish Stream. Archive photo ANKARA, October 4 – RIA Novosti. Ankara and Moscow are not discussing the postponement … Read more

Trump expressed a desire to become a mediator in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump is ready to mediate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The ex-owner of the White House himself wrote about this on his own social network Truth Social. According to the reviewer The American Thinker Olivia Murray, Trump thus “broke the White House.” “With just one short post Trump has driven the … Read more

direct negotiations between Putin and Zelensky are still far away

The Secretary General of the world organization noted that it would be important to create conditions for achieving peace between Russia and Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter and international law. According to him, if we talk about this realistically, the parties are still far from this possibility. .

Peskov answered the question about the likelihood of negotiations between Putin and Zelensky

Earlier, information appeared on the web about the intention of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the negotiations between Putin and Zelensky. The leader of the republic wants to again invite his Russian colleague to meet with the President of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Zelensky noted that he was not yet ready to negotiate with Moscow. .

Political scientist Dudchak approved the “unpreparedness” of Kyiv for negotiations

The refusal of the Ukrainian leader to enter into negotiations with Russia was commented by a political scientist, candidate of economic sciences, leading researcher at the Institute of CIS Countries Alexander Dudchak. According to the expert, this intractability is very useful for Russia. .

Zelensky can save the Armed Forces of Ukraine from defeat by starting negotiations with Russia

In his article for The Wall Street Journal, he recalled that NATO is no longer able to cope with the pace of weapons production, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose them too often on the battlefield. Kimmitt is confident that the reduction of Western supplies to Kyiv will have a disastrous effect on the … Read more