Due to inflation // Operator prices may grow by 15–18% by the end of the year

At the end of 2022, the growth in prices for mobile and broadband services will be 15–18%, TelecomDaily predicts. Representatives of the operators say that the price increase that has already taken place has ranged from 2% to 15%, but argue that the increase does not exceed inflation in any case. Such an increase, according … Read more

Where ours did not insure // The Supreme Court stood up for arbitration managers of large debtors

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) recognized the existence of a crisis situation in the field of liability insurance of arbitration managers (AI). The decision of the Supreme Court was made on a dispute about the possibility of removing the manager if he could not get additional insurance to manage the bankruptcy of … Read more

Medical equipment not allowed for treatment // Russian hospitals may be left without repair of medical equipment

In the Russian Federation, a secondary shortage of medical equipment may arise – its suppliers cannot export spare parts for repair or replacement to non-CIS countries, the profile association of manufacturers IMEDA said. Difficulties arose due to government decree No. 311 dated March 9, 2022 – according to it, permission from the Ministry of Industry … Read more

Consistency with unreasonableness

Experts state that the situation with the prosecution of concerted actions in the market is interesting: in fact, in practice, this offense is not used and to some extent is replaced by the prosecution of anti-competitive agreements, as well as the coordination of economic activities. As BGP Litigation lawyer Ilya Kozhevnikov notes, in order to … Read more

Too Much Low Inflation // Leading Economists Are More Tolerant of High Prices Than You Think

A mass survey of economists in developed countries, conducted under the auspices of the Bank of Finland (BF), showed that a significant part of them assess inflation risks lower than central banks: among those who consider it necessary to change the Central Bank’s inflation targets, there are twice as many supporters of raising them. Among … Read more

“The main challenge is to find internal resources” // Alexey Chekunkov on the prospects for a new turn to the east

Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexei Chekunkov, in an interview with Kommersant, assessed the consequences of reorienting logistics to the east, as well as the opportunities to build ties with Asian countries. In the localization of production, however, the ministry considers it necessary to rely primarily on internal resources. … Read more

The benefit requires a reason // The government is not ready to forgive social contributions to all ASEZs

The White House has found a compromise option for expanding support for residents of advanced development territories, which is required by the Federation Council – according to Kommersant, the government is ready to agree to an extension of the social contribution rate of 7.6% for those who came to the TOP in the first three … Read more

UN Secretary-General considers export of grain and fertilizers from Russia “absolutely necessary”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced “intense contacts” with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the EU and the US on the export of Ukrainian products via the Black Sea, as well as on the export of Russian grains and fertilizers. In his opinion, Russian products are “absolutely necessary.” The UN Secretary General said that the organization is very … Read more