The Australian Navy announced the preparation of a new generation of commanders for the submarine fleet

The publication says that the military will be trained on the territory of the country, because Australia wants to strengthen its military power before entering the combat duty of the submarine fleet as part of the AUKUS alliance. Canberra may receive new submarines as early as the end of the 2030s. .

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford will take part in NATO exercises in the Atlantic

The command of the US Navy emphasizes that one of the main tasks of the upcoming NATO maneuvers is to demonstrate readiness to protect the interests and security of the countries of the military-political bloc. In addition, the Pentagon said that it continues to consider aircraft carrier strike groups as a critical element of maritime … Read more

The US Navy miscalculated the timing of the supply of underwater drones Orca XLUUV

The command of the US Navy was counting on the transfer of five underwater vehicles to the army by the end of 2022, but the manufacturer Boeing is already behind schedule. Full-fledged deliveries were pushed back to 2024, and an experimental sample of the US Navy drone was nevertheless handed over. Boeing’s production problems were … Read more

Two US Navy aircraft carriers were left without drinking water due to technical problems

Earlier, a similar problem with water, in which pathogenic bacteria were found, was reported by the command of the USS Abraham Lincoln. The crew was given means of disinfecting drinking water. The fault was a breakdown in the fuel system, due to which jet fuel got into the crew’s water supply system. The first flush … Read more

The crews of warships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy conducted a series of trainings in the Pacific Ocean

According to available information, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, the corvettes Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, Perfect and Loud, as well as the tanker Pechenga were involved in the training activities from the Russian Navy. It is noted that in 12 days the ships of the two countries passed over three thousand nautical miles. … Read more

Construction of a corvette hull for Ukraine is being completed in Istanbul

After February 24, 2022, using their overwhelming advantage in forces and means, the Russian Armed Forces very quickly neutralized the Ukrainian Navy, either destroying Ukrainian pennants or forcing them to hide in ports. The pogrom organized by the Russians caused such panic among the Ukrainian sailors that, in order to avoid the capture of the … Read more

Coronado retired from US Navy due to technical issues

Coronado was launched in 2014 and a few months later returned to the US Navy base in the Hawaiian Islands to fix the problems found. In the future, the service of the representative of the class of “Coastal combat ships” turned out to be virtually impossible, Coronado was constantly out of order and could not … Read more

Ex-CEO of a company supplying pumps for the Navy received seven years in prison for fraud

Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press By the decision of the Preobrazhensky Court of Moscow, the former general director of the Vane Hydraulic Machines company, Igor Rodkin, was found guilty in a case of fraud in the supply of pumps to shipbuilding companies for the construction of ships. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. Rodkin, … Read more