Nikkei: Japanese authorities intend to increase the number of thermal power plants running on natural gas Japanese politicians can build and put into operation up to eight thermal power plants (TPPs) by 2030. It is planned that all of them will run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), writes Nikkei. According to the publication, the stations will be able to sell up to 6 million kilowatts of electricity. To implement the … Read more

The expert assessed the impact of the protracted repair at the Freeport LNG plant on the gas market

The postponement of the resumption of the work of the American liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant Freeport LNG will not fundamentally change the situation in the gas market, but will be a reason for increasing prices for the goods of some suppliers, Stanislav Mitrakhovich, a leading expert at the National Energy Security Fund and the … Read more

Filled gas storages played a cruel joke on the European Union

According to the expert, the filled gas storages played a cruel joke on the European Union. Such a stupid mistake of Brussels, most likely, will result in new economic consequences for European countries. The heating season, which starts next week, will be a serious test for ordinary Europeans. However, the authorities are in no hurry … Read more

Market hysteria over Nord Streams showed what exactly scared the Europeans

According to the expert, such a market hysteria because of the Nord Streams showed what exactly scared the Europeans. The thing is that the EU was sure that, despite the reduction in supplies, they can always open Nord Stream 2 by agreeing on new supplies with Russia. Now the gas pipelines are unsuitable for work, … Read more

Exchange prices for gas in Europe fell by 12 percent to $2,417 per thousand cubic meters

Exchange prices for gas in Europe are losing 12%, falling below $2,450 per thousand cubic meters, according to data from the London ICE exchange. The nearest – October – futures (according to the index of the largest European hub TTF) opened trading at $2,792.6 per thousand cubic meters (+1.8%). As of 15.50 Moscow time, futures … Read more

Gazprom reduced gas production for 7.5 months by 13.2 percent, to 274.8 billion cubic meters

low angle view of illuminated tower against sky at night

MOSCOW, 16 Aug – Gazprom for 7.5 months of 2022 reduced gas production by 13.2%, to 274.8 billion cubic meters, informed the company. “From January 1 to August 15, 2022, Gazprom, according to preliminary data, produced 274.8 billion cubic meters of gas. This is 13.2% (41.7 billion cubic meters) less than last year,” the statement … Read more

The head of the German Ministry of Economy Habek explained the failure of the agreement on gas with Qatar by the high cost

After the failed negotiations with Qatar on the supply of liquefied natural gas to Germany, German Economy Minister Robert Habek attributed the failure to the pricing policy of the Middle Eastern country and pointed to an increase in offers from other suppliers. ‚ÄúCompanies are in the market looking for the best deal. This is the … Read more

The level of occupancy of gas storage facilities in Germany exceeded 76%

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BERLIN, 15 Aug – The filling rate of German gas storage facilities has exceeded 76%, and the goal of filling up to three-quarters by September 1 has been achieved, informs Federal Network Agency. Germany has previously adopted legislative amendments that oblige gas storage operators to fill them by 95% by November. According to the new … Read more