Sergey Lazarev explained the importance of his musical show during partial mobilization

Sergei Lazarev managed to perform in Minsk, and recently played a concert in St. Petersburg. After the show, he thought for a long time whether such events were necessary against the backdrop of current events. And I came to a definite conclusion. .

Africa’s largest electronic music festival held in Uganda Kampala, September 18th. The popular electronic music festival Nyege Nyege was held in Uganda at the Itanda Falls. Earlier, the parliament of the republic tried to ban the event. The deputies said that the concert allegedly promotes sexual immorality. However, the Prime Minister of the country still allowed the organization of the festival from … Read more

The teaser of the mini-series “Playlist” about Spotify and the music revolution has been released

Online cinema Netflix has published a teaser trailer for the mini-series “Playlist”, which was filmed in Sweden. The show will tell the viewer about businessman Daniel Eck and his partners, with whom he created the music streaming service Spotify in the mid-2000s. .

Sergei Shnurov sang about “burnt Moscow” at the City Day in the capital

The song contains the words: “Yesterday I had a beautiful dream. Moscow burned down completely. A fire is on the square on Krasnaya Street and the former election committee is smoldering.” Then the words follow that politicians burned down along with the capital. .

Anita Tsoi reflected the music of the 2000s in the new part of the Fifth Ocean edition

One of the most striking trends in Tsoi’s music was the era of the 2000s, which is represented in the Ocean of Love album. It included hits created in different years: “This is not love”, “Late”, “To the East”, “I would like you …”, “Pink world”. .

The Russians called Leps the best artist on the national stage

Moscow Agency / Andrey Lyubimov The Russians spoke about their musical preferences. The best artist on the domestic stage, in their opinion, is the performer of the hit “A glass of vodka on the table” Grigory Leps. The musician won 36% of the votes. The group “Hands Up!” got into the top three. (20%) and … Read more