Former adviser to the head of Dagestan was sent to prison for 8 years for a multi-million dollar bribe

As a result, Makhachev was sentenced to a fine of 800,000 rubles and eight years in a penal colony. The court also banned the offender from holding positions in state bodies, local governments, state and municipal institutions related to the performance of organizational and distribution administrative and economic functions for three years after his release. … Read more

Criminals kidnapped the grandson of a resident of the Voronezh region due to a multi-million dollar debt In the Voronezh region, criminals “hung” a multi-million dollar debt on an elderly local resident and kidnapped his 18-year-old grandson. Now law enforcement officers are dealing with the attackers, writes the news Telegram channel Baza. The incident took place the day before in the village of Chertovitsy. According to the source, three men drove … Read more

Businessman awarded by Beglov accused of multi-million dollar fraud

NEVA NEWS On November 10, the Basmanny Court of the capital arrested a 52-year-old St. Petersburg businessman Ivan Orynchuk until December 29, 2022. Orynchuk is accused in a criminal case under the article for fraud committed by a group of persons on an especially large scale. Eight days earlier, the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander … Read more

Ex-Minister of Health of Altai received ten years in prison for multi-million dollar bribes

In addition to imprisonment, the perpetrators were ordered to pay a fine of 15 million rubles. Also, the defendants were banned from holding positions in state bodies and local governments for a period of five years. According to the investigation, from April 2020 to January 2021, the defendants repeatedly received bribes from the heads of … Read more

Journalists found out about the multi-million dollar income of the “unemployed” Nadezhda Kadysheva

Global Look Press | Alexander Keltik Domestic performer Nadezhda Kadysheva has rarely appeared in public in recent years. And the performances of her folk music theater and the song “Golden Ring” are canceled or postponed from 2020. In this regard, many fans have questions on what means the unemployed singer manages to exist. According to … Read more

ICR opened a criminal case on the fact of multi-million embezzlement from the budget of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

JSC Lesosibirsk-Avtodor, at the direction of the person involved in the case, performed the task in non-compliance with the specified standards, after which acts of work performed were drawn up. In addition, an unreliable conclusion was signed based on the results of laboratory tests of asphalt concrete. .

Mamaev saved on his daughter’s alimony to give his new wife a multi-million dollar gift

In addition, information has recently appeared that Mamaev is building luxury housing in the south-west of Moscow. According to preliminary data, the cost of this cottage will be at least 12 million rubles. .

Wikipedia faces a multi-million dollar fine for not deleting false data about a Russian special operation

The Russian court will consider the administrative protocol against the Wikimedia Foundation. The Internet encyclopedia faces a fine of up to 8 million rubles due to failure to remove fake data about a special operation in Ukraine.

Drug gang members to stand trial for multi-million dollar shipments of heroin in Transbaikalia

The perpetrators were arrested in the summer of 2019. It turned out that three residents of Chita organized a channel for the supply of prohibited substances from the Irkutsk region and the Khabarovsk Territory to the Trans-Baikal Territory. In total, the grouping, consisting of six units, included 29 people. The gang was able to earn … Read more