Russian Foreign Ministry announced Moscow’s unwavering commitment to the policy of inadmissibility of nuclear war

Moscow Agency Moscow invariably adheres to the policy of inadmissibility of unleashing a nuclear conflict, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reported. The communique of the diplomatic department emphasizes that there can be no winners in a war of this magnitude, therefore it should never begin. Earlier, the ministry also called on … Read more

Senator Tsekov recalled Moscow’s demands to the West on mutual security guarantees

Moscow is open to discussing with Washington issues of mutual security, respect for the sovereignty and neutral status of Ukraine. This point of view was shared with the editors of the FAN by the representative of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsekov. .

Moscow’s sudden move made Zelensky forget about nuclear weapons

Zelensky has been publicly raving about nuclear weapons for almost a month now and calls on Europe and the United States to protect Ukraine from mortal danger. All Western media have joined this campaign and are preparing the world for a nuclear provocation. Zelensky’s advisers became so insolent that they began to raise money for … Read more

Sobyanin: Moscow’s economy is on a growth trajectory

Agency “Moscow” | Vladimir Novikov / press service of the mayor and government of the capital Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin assessed the prospects for the development of the metropolitan economy. According to Sobyanin, thanks to the anti-crisis measures taken by the city government, Moscow quickly adapted to the illegal sanctions pressure of the West, which … Read more

Russian Ambassador Antonov spoke about Moscow’s hope in relations with the United States

According to the diplomat, Russia wants to believe that in relations with the American side it has not approached the dangerous threshold of a breakdown into the abyss of a nuclear conflict. Antonov announced this on September 23. .

Russian Ambassador to Germany announced Moscow’s readiness to launch Nord Stream 2

Recall that earlier in Germany they reported the impossibility of such a scenario. According to one of the local politicians, the Russian side has lost confidence in itself as a result of the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis and cannot be a supplier of energy resources to Germany. .

MI6 told Kyiv about Moscow’s plans to destroy the energy infrastructure

British intelligence MI-6 transmitted new intelligence to the Office of the President of Ukraine – that “there is a plan in the Kremlin to destroy the entire energy infrastructure in the country.” As stated FAN Russian political scientist Bogdan BezpalkoRussia needs to implement this in order to deprive Kyiv of the will to resist.

Expert Buffard: Moscow’s strategic plans scare Washington

globallookpress/Pravda Komsomolskaya Director of the American Center for Security and Arctic Resilience Troy Bouffard commented on Russia’s program to create hypersonic missiles. As he noted in an interview for the Le Monde newspaper, Moscow’s strategic plans frighten Washington. Recall that the armies of China and Russia are armed with shells, the speed of which can … Read more