Latvian activists launch initiative to prevent demolition of monuments in Europe

On this issue, the Latvian initiative group IMHOclub has launched a public initiative, the purpose of which is to force the UNESCO committee responsible for the preservation of monuments to stop the barbaric destruction of memorials not only in Latvia, but also in Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. According to activists, such actions destroy the memory … Read more

New monuments in Crimea will be included in the register of cultural heritage

The Unified State Register of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation plans to include monuments that have been installed in Crimea in recent years. The press service of the Republican Ministry of Culture informed Krym-inform IA that the scientific and methodological council of the department, having considered the relevant application, made a … Read more

MEPs called on the EC to investigate the demolition of monuments to the victory over fascism in the EU

The authorities of European states neglect the historical truth, politicians say. Kostas Papadakis and Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos asked the EC to evaluate the cases of dismantling the monuments in honor of the Victory, RT notes. .

Writer Starikov: Latvia must bear responsibility for all demolished Soviet monuments Welscher/dpa Russia needs to prohibit the purchase of gas by the Baltic states at the legislative level for all the negative actions committed against the Russian Federation. This opinion was voiced by the writer, public figure in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency Nikolai Starikov. “The authorities of … Read more

Putin said that with pain in his heart he was watching the demolition of monuments to Soviet heroes

According to Putin, the soldiers of the Red Army gave their lives for the freedom of those peoples who are now dismantling monuments dedicated to them. The President also noted that Russia will never be able to “understand and accept” the desire to destroy monuments to the heroism of their ancestors. .

“We need a dead blockade of the Baltic states”: political scientist Bezpalko on the response of the Russian Federation to the demolition of Soviet monuments Welscher/dpa Moscow can respond to the demolition of Soviet monuments and outright Russophobia with a deaf blockade of ill-wishers. About this in an interview with a correspondent FAN said a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of Russia Bogdan Bezpalko. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the demolition of … Read more

The UN Human Rights Committee called on Latvia to stop the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers

Kwok stressed that the committee called on the Latvian government to stop the demolition of monuments dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, as well as to ensure the safety of their parts. It is noted that the message was registered on August 26. .

Estonian police banned car rallies at the site of demolished Soviet monuments

It is known that a car rally was to take place in the places of the demolished monuments in Narva. However, the police canceled the event before the cars started moving. The reason for this decision was the fact that the participants of the rally had military symbols on T-shirts. .