The director of the company in Novosibirsk appropriated the salaries of his employees for seven months

A criminal case was initiated against the director of the company under Part 2 of Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (complete non-payment of more than two months of wages and other payments established by law, committed out of selfish and other personal interest by the head of the organization). The … Read more

Experts shared their forecast for the ruble exchange rate for the next three months

TeleTrade chief analyst Mark Goykhman recalled that the EU plans to adopt a new package of anti-Russian sanctions. This may have some impact on the ruble. However, given the situation with previous sanctions, it is unlikely to be tangible. .

Gas prices in Europe fell below $1,700 for the first time in months

At the same time, employees of the London-based ICE exchange noted that gas prices for end-users in the European Union have been steadily rising for four months in a row. In May this year, this figure was at the level of 1030 dollars. And already in July, the Europeans had to pay for gas at … Read more

Bonya told why she found out about her father’s death only four months later

She admitted that for a long time she did not know at all what was happening and where her father had disappeared. Then the TV presenter asked a journalist friend to take up this issue. Bonya believes that no one has the right to forbid saying goodbye to a parent. She called the act of … Read more

A Muscovite kept the body of an elderly lover in a carpet on the balcony for almost six months

Law enforcement officers established that all this time her 45-year-old cohabitant lived in the apartment of the deceased. It is known that the couple has been together for ten years. About five months ago, the pensioner died, and the man carried her body to the balcony, wrapping it in a bag and a carpet. .

Russian defense industry exported $6 billion worth of products in six months

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