Russia airlifted fuel for the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant for the second time in a month

In 2014, Russia and Hungary signed a contract for the construction of the fifth and sixth power units with reactor plants at the only local Paks nuclear power plant according to an advanced design. This project was called “Paks-2”. The total cost of the work is estimated at 12.5 billion euros. .

Tatyana Lazareva said she could survive in Spain even on 500 euros a month

Actress Tatyana Lazareva ✱ (an individual acting as a foreign agent in Russia) became a guest of the next episode of the show on the Normal People YouTube channel. During the interview, the artist said that she was not afraid to face financial difficulties abroad. .

The number of car loans received by Russians for the month increased by 18%

The top five in terms of issuing car loans were: Moscow (from 3.58 thousand loans for 6.35 billion rubles), the Moscow Region (3.67 thousand loans for 5.75 billion rubles), St. Petersburg (3.04 thousand loans for 4 .65 billion rubles), Krasnodar Territory (2.3 thousand loans for 2.99 billion rubles) and Tatarstan (2.42 thousand for 2.46 billion … Read more

Russia’s budget revenues showed a negative trend for the second month in a row

However, the data on the implementation of the August budget is still preliminary and may be adjusted. According to them, at the end of the month, oil and gas revenues to the federal treasury amounted to 671.9 billion rubles, which is 3.4% less than in August 2021. The Ministry of Finance attributes this situation primarily … Read more

Rosstat registers a decrease in prices for consumer goods for the third month in a row

At the same time, prices have been falling for the third month in a row. Fruit and vegetable products fell in price the most. Thus, the price of beets decreased by 24.8%. Not far behind her are carrots, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes and onions. .

HR expert Larina explained which month is best to take a vacation and why An excellent month for a vacation was named by HR expert Lyudmila Larina. You can go on vacation in the fall. Larina emphasized that holidays become more profitable in months with a large number of working days. In September, there is not a single holiday weekend at all, so it is suitable for relaxation, … Read more