Participants of the Banking Legal Conference discussed the possibilities of regulating financial markets

FBA “Economy Today” The financial market needs more and more complex instruments for regulation. The industry players who took part in the VIII Banking Legal Conference “Banks in the Era of Fundamental Changes: Aspects of Law” discussed possible solutions to this problem, Gazeta.Ru reports. Experts emphasize that market regulation should not only stop unfair practices, … Read more

A foreigner lost 300 thousand dollars after a trip with unknown persons by car in St. Petersburg

FBA “Economy Today” A citizen of Tajikistan lost 300 thousand dollars in St. Petersburg after he drove with two unknown people in a car. Fontanka reports about the robbery of a foreigner on Krasnoputilovskaya Street. According to the victim, on the evening of December 2, two strangers approached him, identified themselves as representatives of his … Read more

Russian businessman arrested in London on money laundering charges A businessman from Russia was detained in London in a money laundering case, the UK’s national crime agency (NCA) informs. It is known that the 58-year-old businessman was detained in his own house. His name has not been released. It is specified that as part of the investigation, law enforcement officers also arrested two … Read more

Vine doubted the possible success of Little Big in the US without money and connections

Russian artist Yuri Loza was skeptical about the chances of the St. Petersburg musical group Little Big to gain popularity with American listeners. He expressed his opinion to the portal on Tuesday, November 29. According to the singer, the musical group is unlikely to be able to get promoted abroad without well-known producers and … Read more