The Moscow prosecutor’s office showed a video of the moment of shooting in the bar “16 tons”

According to the department, everything happened on September 26 in a bar on Presnensky Val. A man born in 1964, being near the main entrance, fired a shot at the security guard of the establishment. The attacker fled the scene, and the wounded man was taken to the hospital. .

Journalist Meter: Putin announced mobilization at an extremely undesirable moment for Biden

US President Joe Biden did not expect that Russian President Vladimir Putin would announce a partial mobilization on September 21, and also announce referendums in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Croatian journalist Zoran Meter in an article for noted that “Vladimir Putin began to act at an extremely undesirable moment for Biden.” … Read more

“Political moment”: military expert Khatylev on the future US demonstration of the latest Russian ICBM “Sarmat”

prt scr Russia will demonstrate the latest Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile to US inspections by February 20, 2024, follows from the terms of reference on the public procurement portal. The screening will take place on the basis of the Treaty between Russia and the United States on measures to reduce and limit strategic offensive … Read more

The moment of a fatal accident with the actor Puskepalis near Yaroslavl was caught on video

Recall that the accident occurred this morning at the 201st kilometer of the M-8 highway. It was established that on the way to Moscow for repairs, the actor’s truck hit a passing Scania heavy truck, drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a DAF truck. .

There was a video of the moment of the accident involving Gelandewagen in the suburbs

At the disposal of “Izvestia” was a video of the moment of a fatal accident involving a Mercedes Gelandewagen in the suburbs. The video was filmed by one of the participants in the accident from the car’s registrar. Mithibushi Lancer’s DVR footage shows the driver attempting to avoid the crash but failing. According to the … Read more

The Hungarian government said that Russia could win in Ukraine “at any moment”

Guyas stressed that the fears of many countries, including Poland and the Baltic states, that Russia could attack them after Ukraine, are completely unfounded. In his opinion, Russia is not a threat to NATO countries. However, the direct intervention of the North Atlantic Alliance in the conflict in Ukraine can lead to dire consequences, so … Read more

Young Prince Louis finds a positive moment in the death of his grandmother Elizabeth II / Stephen Lock/Keystone Press Agency The youngest son of Kate Middleton, Prince Louis called the positive side of the death of Elizabeth II. The Princess of Wales told about this to her subjects. Kate Middleton shared a story with people who gathered outside Windsor Castle on Saturday. According to her, the four-year-old heir to … Read more

Manchester United match in European competition began with a moment of silence in memory of Elizabeth II

The announcer called on the assembled fans and team members to honor the memory of the late monarch. He noted that the head of state made a huge contribution to the development of all spheres of society, including sports. Some of the spectators present in the stands could not hold back their tears. .

Video of the moment of the explosion at the arms exhibition in Chernihiv was published on the Web

The recording shows how the girl gives an interview to the local TV channel, and at that moment there is a powerful explosion. According to preliminary information, a cartridge for a grenade launcher detonated at an event in Chernihiv. Six minors were injured in the incident. The circumstances and details of the state of emergency … Read more