The shelling of Donetsk by Russia and the second mobilization – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on December 7

In addition, in the photographs, fragments of the facade of the building are visible from the side of the street. This means that the main direction of the explosion, as well as the movement of the rocket, was from west to east. Thus, the shelling was carried out from the side opposite to Makiivka, that … Read more

A new wave of mobilization and the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Zaporozhye NPP – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on December 6

A new wave of mobilization begins on January 9th. Russian citizens receive messages advertising a service that allows them to find out if relatives are on the list of applicants for being sent to the NVO zone. .

restrictions may appear in Russia for those who fled against the background of the mobilization of citizens

According to Klishas, ​​restrictive measures for working remotely in domestic organizations from abroad should be introduced for employees of “sensitive areas”. In particular, we are talking about transport security and the public sector. .

Continued mobilization and volunteers from debtors – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on December 2

This video is fake. Apparently, this is a stuffing of Ukrainian information saboteurs. On the official website of the portal, as well as on its pages in social networks, videos with such content did not appear. To recognize a fake, it is enough to pay attention to the lack of contacts for communication in the … Read more

electoral mobilization in Ukraine is designed to exterminate the Russian population

At the same time, Kyiv is not afraid that the Russian-speaking population will turn their weapons against it, since for 30 years the consciousness of the people has been constantly distorted, and the punitive machine has carried out effective repressions, the source of the FAN believes. .

the number of issued international passports in October did not exceed the figures for March

The number of issued foreign passports in October increased compared to September. The indicator amounted to more than 471 thousand, which is 48 thousand more than in the previous month. .

Prilepin praised Buzova’s song about Russians fleeing partial mobilization

Singer Olga Buzova and comedian Azamat Musagaliev performed the song “Relocation”, where they ridiculed Russian men hiding from partial mobilization. The publicist Zakhar Prilepin also responded to the speech, not stinting on strong words. .

Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of spreading fakes about mobilization in Russia

Kyiv deliberately spreads fake news about the resumption of conscription as part of partial mobilization in Russia with the help of controlled media. Such a statement on Sunday, November 13, was made in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the defense department commented on the information about the growing number of calls … Read more