Social Fund support for families with children in 2023 will amount to almost 2 trillion rubles

From the beginning of 2023, the Social Fund will implement all those support measures and insurance payments that the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund are currently responsible for. .

The Ministry of Labor announced the size of the universal child allowance

Russian families may start receiving universal child allowance. For one child, it will be 7, 10.5 or 14 thousand rubles, depending on the needs of the family. These figures were announced by the Ministry of Labor of Russia. .

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the minimum wage and the cost of living

The minimum wage is the minimum wage that a Russian citizen must by law receive for his work, and the living wage is the conditional cost of the necessary consumer basket, which includes the necessary food, non-food products, as well as services and utility bills. .

The maximum amount of unemployment benefits in 2023 may be more than 12 thousand rubles

The payment terms will remain the same. So, in order to receive benefits, a citizen must register as unemployed. In the first three months, the amount of material support will be 75% of earnings, but not more than 12,792 rubles. .

“The purpose of the standards is to ensure equal accessibility and quality of services throughout the country” // Deputy Minister of Labor Elena Mukhtiyarova – on new principles for the work of employment centers

Now the Ministry of Labor, with the help of regional employment centers and the Jobs of Russia portal, collects a lot of information about the state of the Russian labor market. Deputy head of the department Elena Mukhtiyarova told Kommersant about how these data are used, how they differ from Rosstat statistics, and how, with … Read more

The Ministry of Labor expects an increase in unemployment in Russia by autumn

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Russia Elena Mukhtiyarova said that now the unemployment rate is at a historic low. However, unemployment is likely to rise as early as autumn. “Our main task is to maintain stability in the labor market as long as we succeed. In our country, unemployment is now at … Read more

The US labor market did not notice the recession // Monitoring of the world economy

The unemployment rate in the US in July, despite the reduction in the country’s GDP in the first half of the year, fell from 3.6% to 3.5%, 528 thousand jobs were created during the month, according to data from the US Department of Labor. Over the previous four months, the average monthly increase in the … Read more

Alexey Sklyar, deputy head of the Ministry of Labor, who oversaw digital technologies, left his post

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin dismissed Deputy Labor Minister Alexei Sklyar at his request. Appointed Deputy Minister of Labor in 2018, Mr. Sklyar oversaw issues related to informatization and the introduction of digital technologies in the social and labor sphere. Prior to that, Alexei Sklyar served as director of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies … Read more