Ministry of Internal Affairs put public figure Mikhail Klimarev on the wanted list

Klimarev got into the register of media-foreign agents in May of this year. The blogger served as executive director of the Internet Defense Society Foundation. According to what article he was put on the wanted list, it is not specified. .

Police officers conduct operational-search activities in the business center “Polis Center” on Sofiyskaya

According to eyewitnesses, staff, visitors and tenants of the business center are being held inside the building. The reason and details of what is happening are not disclosed. Who exactly the law enforcement officers are looking for in the St. Petersburg business center is still unknown, this will be reported later. .

In St. Petersburg, the activities of underground IT scammers were suppressed

Employees of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg uncovered the activities of IT fraudsters who persuaded Russian citizens to transfer money to so-called safe accounts under the pretext of allegedly attempting unauthorized transfers from their bank cards. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina … Read more

The killer of the moose was detained in the Vladimir region Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Vladimir region neutralized the poacher responsible for the death of the elk. According to the agency, representatives of the national park in the Gorohovets district, while walking around the forest, saw a hunter next to an elk he had shot. The police were … Read more

A drunken resident of the Vologda region instructed the police to solve the loss of a bottle of vodka

As explained in the department, a drunken resident of one of the villages of the Ust-Kubinsky district tried to persuade the arriving police officers to investigate the mysterious loss of a bottle of alcohol from his house. He assured that someone had kidnapped her, according to .

Resident of Orenburg arrested for setting fire to a car

Global Look Press | Nikolay Gyngazov The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Orenburg region spoke about the criminal trick of a vindictive resident of Orenburg. As explained in the department, during the search and search activities, a suspect in arson of a passenger car was detained. During the interrogation, he admitted his … Read more

Ministries of Internal Affairs are planned to be created in the DPR and LPR

The head of the Russian Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that they want to create Ministries of Internal Affairs in the DPR and LPR, and two main departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. This statement was made by the head of the department in the Federation Council. .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the prevention of attacks on schools in nine regions of Russia

Attacks on schools prevented in Russia in 2022. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was possible to thwart attacks on educational institutions in nine regions of the country. .

Drunk Crimean threatened public utilities with an ax and insulted policemen in Sevastopol A drunken Crimean threatened public service employees with an ax and insulted police officers in Sevastopol. Law enforcement officers detained the brawler and confiscated a potentially dangerous household tool from him, the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reports. It all happened on Nefedov Street, where public utilities arrived to cut down an emergency tree. … Read more