Experts assessed the consequences of the US ban on the exchange of special borrowing rights with the Russian Federation

The law banning the US Treasury from participating in operations with the exchange of special drawing rights (SDRs) held by Russia and Belarus is similar to “freezing” one of the ways to use the asset, Oleg, a leading analyst at the Otkritie Investments global research department, told Izvestia on October 5 Syrovatkin. “SDR is a … Read more

The Ministry of Finance spoke about the new rules for granting subsidies to entrepreneurs

Changes will be made to the Budget Code. Enterprises that bring maximum benefit to the country’s economy will be able to receive support from the state. In order to select the most suitable candidates, it is planned to organize special competitions. The details of the selection system are still unknown. .

The surplus of the republican budget was indicated in the Ministry of Finance of Adygea

According to the news agency “Adygea Today”, revenues to the budget of Adygea amounted to 16.9 billion rubles – this is 54.2% of the revised plan, expenditures amounted to 16.2 billion rubles, which is 43.9% of the adjusted program. According to the minister, most of the filling of the republican budget was due to the … Read more

Russia will use cryptocurrency in cross-border settlements

Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/dpa/Globallookpress Cryptocurrency assets will be used by Moscow to carry out cross-border financial transactions to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions. The corresponding bill was agreed between the Central Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance. At the same time, government agencies came to an agreement on the nuances in the field of mining regulation. However, … Read more

Russia’s budget revenues showed a negative trend for the second month in a row

However, the data on the implementation of the August budget is still preliminary and may be adjusted. According to them, at the end of the month, oil and gas revenues to the federal treasury amounted to 671.9 billion rubles, which is 3.4% less than in August 2021. The Ministry of Finance attributes this situation primarily … Read more

The Ministry of Finance intends to suspend the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with Latvia Russia plans to suspend the agreement with Latvia on the avoidance of double taxation, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov said at the Moscow Financial Forum. According to the official, the Russian Ministry of Finance intends to promptly respond to the decision of other countries to suspend agreements on the avoidance of double taxation. “With … Read more

Moiseev: Russia does not prevent cross-border payments in cryptocurrency

Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/dpa/Globallookpress Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Alexei Moiseev said that in Russia there is nothing preventing the use of cryptocurrencies in cross-border payments. He announced this as part of the WEF-2022. Moiseev pointed out that the Russian legal framework already now allows cross-border settlements to take full advantage of the advantages that cryptocurrency … Read more

Khaminsky spoke about the nuances of the reconstruction of the tax system of the Russian Federation

The specialist noted the contradictions that are generated by the flaws in the tax system. According to him, it is now unprofitable for some enterprises to increase their turnover because of the risk of leaving the privileged zone. .