The Foreign Ministries of Germany and Denmark recognized the different positions of the EU on visas for Russians

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock and Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod discussed the situation with a possible ban on issuing visas to Russians, recognizing that the positions of the European Union on this issue differ. High-ranking diplomats announced this on August 26 following the results of negotiations. “You can’t say that one person is completely … Read more

Social order expands its path // The Ministry of Finance summed up the results of a profile pilot

As follows from the speech of Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Lavrov at the relevant All-Russian seminar-conference in Ufa, the department is satisfied with the practice of using social certificates in the Russian Federation to pay for services in this area and is ready to expand the scope of social contracting. To do this, the … Read more

Closeness has become more open // The joint venture has updated the transparency rating of departments

The Accounts Chamber, with the participation of experts, assessed the openness of the federal authorities of the Russian Federation – out of 70 ministries, services and agencies, 15 fell into the high category of openness, 6 – into the low category, 49 departments were in the “middle” rating. The closure of part of the official … Read more

HIV treatment has fallen in price // The share of expensive drugs in public procurement has decreased

This year, the Ministry of Health has significantly reduced purchases of expensive modern foreign drugs for the treatment of HIV, which have no analogues, and increased purchases of cheaper drugs. This is a forced measure: funding to provide drugs to patients is not noticeably increasing, but the number of patients with HIV is growing. Experts … Read more

The Ministry of Health tuned in to the budget // The shortage of expensive drugs is growing

As Kommersant found out, by the beginning of April, the Ministry of Health had almost exhausted the budget provided for this year for the purchase of medicines under the state program for 14 high-cost nosologies. But it was not possible to completely cover the need for funds, so the structure of the ministry announced additional … Read more

The form waited for the content // Oleg Sapozhkov on the real assessment of normative acts

Long-term reading of draft regulations published by ministries and departments on the portal to assess their regulatory impact has taught us to almost never read explanatory notes to them to the end – in the vast majority of cases they end with the canonical formula “The draft … does not contain provisions that establish, … Read more

Work of Russia will work for competitors // The service will be integrated with, HeadHunter and SuperJob

The Ministry of Labor has concluded an agreement on the integration of its Jobs of Russia portal with Sberbank’s recruiting service — its vacancies will be automatically duplicated on the state portal. The ministry already has similar agreements with HeadHunter ( and SuperJob, but have not yet been technically implemented. Integration with should … Read more

Tired of bureaucracy // The White House will cede routine powers to ministries

The White House intends to release part of its resources for strategic tasks by modernizing the system for managing national projects and state programs, as well as getting rid of several dozen routine powers that are already being de facto implemented by departments and remain under the jurisdiction of the government for historical reasons. The … Read more