Indian Foreign Minister spoke about deepening ties with the Russian Far East

India continues to work with Russia to deepen bilateral ties with the Far East. This was stated in an interview to Izvestia by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India Subramanyam Jaishankar. “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are actively working. Following the visit of the Prime Minister to Vladivostok in 2019 (it became the starting … Read more

Poland’s Climate Minister considers the antitrust investigation against Gazprom justified

Poland’s Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskva called on the European Commission to study possible violations of antimonopoly legislation by Russian Gazprom. This was announced on December 2 by the Biznes Alert portal. “The only effective way to combat unlawful actions of Gazprom is to constantly increase the share of alternative suppliers for the Russian … Read more

Poland’s Climate Minister considers the antitrust investigation against Gazprom justified

Poland called on the European Commission to take measures that would force Gazprom to adhere to the principles of the European gas market. This was stated by the Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland Anna Moscow. In her opinion, it is justified to conduct an antimonopoly investigation against a Russian company. “It seems entirely … Read more

Deputy Finance Minister urged to seek balance during energy transition

Deputy Finance Minister Pavel Sorokin believes that Russia will move towards climate neutrality at a faster pace than many other countries. In his opinion, it is necessary to remain “sober and adequate” during the energy transition so that people do not feel an “excessive burden.” “We have a focus on staying sober and adequate … … Read more

“There is nothing to explode there” // Deputy Minister of Industry Alexander Morozov on the transition to electric and hydrogen cars

The Russian government expects the localization of electric and hydrogen cars from the auto industry in the coming years, preparing to conclude the first special investment contracts in early 2022 and raising barriers to the import of such cars. Alexander Morozov, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, told Kommersant why auto concerns … Read more