Americanist Drobnitsky explained Zelensky’s participation in the US military-industrial complex forum

According to journalists, Zelensky’s speech will take place on September 21. Also on this day, the speech of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov is scheduled. During his speech, Zelensky is expected to demand an increase in arms supplies. According to journalists, the conference will be attended by representatives of the largest US … Read more

US military assistance to Ukraine is sweet for the American military-industrial complex

The administration of the White House, announcing the provision of military assistance to Kyiv, decides its own issues. The United States announced a new package of military aid to the Kyiv regime. Political scientist Dmitry Yevstafiev believes that this is not assistance to Ukraine, but to the American military-industrial complex. He stated this in the … Read more

Ukraine needs joint ventures and investments in military-industrial complex – Reznikov

The creation of joint ventures in the military-industrial complex in Ukraine will be relevant in the near future, since serious industrial capacities and investments will be needed to meet the needs of about a million defense forces. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said this during an online conference “Building Together”, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. According to … Read more

Military expert Shurygin: the destruction of the Motor Sich plant is a painful blow to the military-industrial complex of Ukraine / Vladislav Shurygin The destruction of Motor Sich will deal a serious blow to the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. This statement was made by military expert and columnist Vladislav Shurygin. The Russian Armed Forces liquidated the Ukrainian plant “Motor Sich” in the Zaporozhye region, now Kyiv is limited in conducting air attacks, which were … Read more

Military expert Artamonov spoke about the scam of the American military-industrial complex with weapons for Ukraine

prt scr youtube/MiliSource The American military-industrial complex commits a scam during a special operation in Ukraine. The military observer Alexander Artamonov told the details in an interview with The expert is sure that the military-industrial complex first got rid of its own surplus. Then the United States began to supply regular weapons to parts … Read more

Canada expands anti-Russian sanctions against military-industrial complex companies

Earlier it became known that the European Union blacklisted 21 Russian airlines for air safety. All ships subject to the restrictions of the companies are now prohibited from entering the airspace of the EU countries. Such measures are related to the permission of the Federal Air Transport Agency to operate foreign aircraft without a valid … Read more

The EU has imposed a series of tough sanctions against the military-industrial complex of Russia

Brussels, 26 February. Brussels has introduced tough financial and technological, economic restrictions against the military-industrial, energy, aircraft building and financial sectors of Russia. The EU authorities imposed sanctions on 60 leading industrial companies of the Russian Federation due to a special operation in Ukraine. The list of restrictions was listed in the Official Journal of … Read more