Militants ransacked a village 100 kilometers from the capital of Nigeria

The militants organized a raid on the evening of September 20. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators broke into the village on motorcycles and started firing randomly into the air. They then robbed several shops, including pharmacies, took out all the alcoholic drinks and took eight people hostage.

Paratroopers met the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with heavy fire during a special operation in Ukraine

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to break through the Russian defense in one of the sectors of the front, but ran into a tough rebuff from the military personnel of the Airborne Forces. The footage of the combat work of Russian paratroopers is published by the Ministry of Defense of … Read more

Kyiv militants used NATO shells in the shelling of Yelenovka

Federal News Agency Kyiv nationalists attacked Yelenovka. During the shelling, the militants fired shells of the “NATO” caliber of 155 millimeters. This information was shared on the Telegram channel by the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC). “Fire was … Read more

Russian Aerospace Forces hit a terrorist base in Idlib and killed 45 militants

Field commanders Bilal Said and Abu Dujana al-Diri and more than 45 militants of the Jabhat al-Nusra group banned in the Russian Federation were destroyed in Syria by a strike by the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of the Russian Federation. This was announced on Sunday, September 18, by the deputy head of the Russian Center for … Read more

Head of Soroka Sorokov: Kyiv militants fired on a car with the commander of the Vostok battalion

Federal news agency Ukrainian nationalists blew up and fired at the car in which were the head of the public movement “Forty Sorokov” Andrei Kormukhin and the commander of the “Vostok” battalion Alexander Khodakovsky. The incident occurred on the way to the Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery in the Volnovakhsky district in the DPR, RIA Novosti reports. “We … Read more