The son of Mikhail Krug admitted that he was expelled from the cadet school for lawlessness

According to the young man, once he even showed an obscene gesture to the lieutenant colonel. The son of a chansonnier could become a junior sergeant, but he lost faith in the cadet corps. Later, Krug Jr. did not work out with studying at the Shchukin School, because his classmates did not like him. .

Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia

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Mikhail Shakhnazarov predicted Max Barskikh to trade as a fifth point in the USA

Now the performer intends to perform on stage under the name Mick Sunday, aimed at Western listeners. According to the journalist, now Barskikh is forced to look for new countries for promotion due to the inability to get to Russia. .

The family of convicted Mikhail Efremov may leave Russia

It is noteworthy that for knocks before the news about the departure of the star family appeared in the media, Vera Efremova told her friends that her father’s prison friend was visiting them. Apparently, it was through him that the actor gave the family advice to leave their homeland. .

Journalist Mikhail Shakhnazarov exposed the hypocrisy of Max Barsky

Barskikh spoke sharply against Russia and refused to perform at the scheduled concerts. Now he is trying to conquer the European public under the name Mike Sunday. At the same time, he sings a repertoire that brought fame and money in Russia. .

The widow of journalist Mikhail Zelensky is looking for men on a dating site

Rubinchik still recalls with horror how Zelensky, 47, died in her arms. The journalist suddenly became ill, the doctors could not save him. The widow does not exclude that the health of the showman could be affected by smoking and his work, in which he went headlong. .