97% of micro businesses are not ready to switch to a new tax regime

Most microbusiness companies are not ready to switch to a new tax regime – the automated simplified taxation system (ASTL) – due to high tax rates and non-compliance with the eligibility criteria. This is reported by RBC with reference to the results of a survey by the Aktion Accounting service among more than 400 firms … Read more

Business cuts costs // Poll Monitoring

More than half (54%) of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses surveyed by the NAFI analytical center (a sample of 500 owners and managers, as well as individual entrepreneurs in all major industries) announced a decrease in sales in March. Among microenterprises (up to 15 employees) there are two thirds (65%). 16% did not notice … Read more

US Air Force commissions Space Micro to develop F-35-to-satellite data terminal

Washington, January 29th. Space Micro, on behalf of the US Air Force, will develop a terminal that will allow data to be transmitted from a maneuvering fighter like the F-35 Lightning II to a geostationary satellite. The publication of the American edition of The Drive says that the new device will allow the fighter to … Read more

Small business will be mitigated administrative responsibility

To reduce the administrative burden on small businesses, the Ministry of Economy, together with the SME Corporation, prepared a draft amendment to the current Administrative Code. “The amendments are aimed at liberalizing the rules for bringing SMEs and SONPOs to administrative responsibility, which business has been talking about for a long time and which requires … Read more

Top hack // CEOs of Russian companies have been attacked by cyber attacks

The hacker group Void Balaur attacked top managers of Russian telecommunications companies and family members of the leaders of a large Russian corporation, Trend Micro discovered. Such attacks are rare, cybersecurity experts say. They warn that attackers can spy on top managers for years in order to gain access to classified documents on their behalf … Read more

Trend Micro spoke about cyberattacks for the first half of the year

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has published Attacks From Every Direction: An Overview of Cybersecurity Threats in the First Half of 2021. She estimates that the number of ransomware attacks almost halved in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2020, amounting to 7.3 million. Nevertheless, it is the ransomware that, … Read more

Attack, it’s cheaper // Prices for hacker programs fell on the black market

In the clandestine market, prices and a range of programs for finding vulnerabilities in computer systems of companies are falling, Trend Micro found out. This may be due to an increase in payments for programs for hackers, when vendors themselves pay rewards for vulnerabilities found. But among Russian companies, only the largest are involved in … Read more