Michael Nucky, Valery Solovey and Yulia Latynina added to the list of foreign agents

Among other things, political scientist Valery Solovey, as well as journalists Yelena Shukayeva and Andrey Afanasyev, are included in the register of media-foreign agents. In addition to Naka and Latynina, the list of individuals-foreign agents included the historian Tamara Eidelman. In addition, the register of the Ministry of Justice also now includes the technical legal … Read more

Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer: Germany will not be able to refuse gas from Russia in the next five years

MOSCOW, July 31 — Germany will not be able to abandon Russian gas in the next five years, declared in an interview with the Zeit newspaper, the Prime Minister of the federal state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. In his opinion, the German government should accept this “bitter truth.” “If we understand that we cannot do … Read more

Their products are needed, their market share is unknown // State support for import substitution is complicated by companies’ ignorance of demand parameters

Under the sanctions, Russian enterprises will have to adapt not only to changes in demand for their products after the departure of suppliers, but also to change their approach to market analysis. To support domestic producers, the White House is ready to cancel the parallel import regime for certain groups of goods when Russian analogues … Read more

Michael Jackson posthumously accused of using fake voice

Three tracks by King of Pop Michael Jackson have been removed from all streaming platforms due to allegations that the singer used fake vocals. This is reported by the American Songwriter website. “Monster” featuring 50 Cent, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Breaking News” are no longer available for sale or streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, … Read more

“Unscrupulous participants now understand that the system sees them” // Head of the CRPT Mikhail Dubin on the traceability of goods

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT) Mikhail Dubin, in an interview with Kommersant, spoke about the operation of the labeling system, its role in the fight against illegal circulation of goods, and also about what information the state gives the formation of a digital market … Read more

Industrialists will be supported by digital // AI and big data are prescribed for enterprises

The share of Russian software products at Russian industrial enterprises does not exceed 25% of the number of implemented key technologies. This was announced at a conference on the digitalization of the industrial sector by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Meanwhile, it is precisely by introducing digital data with the simultaneous costly import substitution of already … Read more

Mikhail Mishustin appoints Dmitry Bakanov as Deputy Minister of Transport

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin appointed Dmitry Bakanov to the post of Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia. Previously, he was the director of the digital transformation department in the ministry. “To appoint Dmitry Vladimirovich Bakanov as Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation,” the document on the official legal information portal says. Mr. … Read more