Ex-White House employee Roberts spoke about the dirty methods of the United States in the fight against Russia

piqsels.com Washington, with the help of finances and propaganda policy, sets the rest of the states and the population of these countries against Moscow. This statement was made by Paul Craig Roberts, a former employee of the White House during the administration of Ronald Reagan. The United States, according to the ex-worker, writes out “full … Read more

Cynologist Golubev explained the methods of raising a dog for life in the city

The expert emphasized the importance of dog ammunition and stated that a properly fitted muzzle and collar will not create discomfort for the pet, and will also help him stay safe. In addition, in order to calmly walk the dog along the city streets, it must be well educated, and this is achieved through daily … Read more

Military expert Litovkin announced methods of protection against anti-personnel mines “Petal”

Residents of settlements shelled by Ukrainian troops continue to encounter Lepestok anti-personnel mines. How to protect yourself from these shells, said military expert, reserve colonel Viktor Litovkin in an interview with Ukraina.ru. .

It became known about the methods of Netflix to keep the outgoing audience

In Q2 2022, Netflix lost just under a million subscribers. Izvestia found out what moves Netflix has already made and will make to stop the audience decline. Thus, Netflix managers began to take anti-crisis measures, which, even before the publication of the regular report, made it clear how seriously the company intends to change its … Read more

Diagnosis of wage differences // Even in feminized sectors of the economy, men are paid more

In a number of countries around the world, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the largest difference in wages between men and women is observed in such sectors of the economy as health care and social services – although women occupy the majority of jobs in them (67%). On average, the gender wage gap … Read more

The issue allowed us to gain time, but we need to look for other methods – the head of the NBU

At each new round of “printing money”, the dollarization of the economy and the withdrawal of savings from the financial system only intensifies. About this in a column for the publication “Economic Truth” Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko said, Ukrinform reports. The “emission” hryvnia is increasingly entering the foreign exchange market, … Read more

Kristina Potupchik on the methods of Western information warfare

The constant distortion of facts and lies have firmly entered the toolkit of modern information warfare. In order to prevent the development of panic in society, it is necessary to develop critical thinking among citizens. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Open New Democracy Foundation in an interview with the press at … Read more