Military expert explained Kyiv’s disregard for foreign mercenaries

The Western press, tired of false Ukrainian propaganda, publishes true facts about Kyiv’s disregard for foreign legionnaires. Thus, a number of online publications, including the National Post, debunked the myth that up to 20,000 foreign mercenaries are fighting in the International Defense Legion. In fact, the recruitment of the “legion” has been suspended due to … Read more

What happened in Ukraine on April 2: the liquidation of mercenaries in Kharkov, a terrorist attack near Kiev was prevented

In Donetsk, they said that since the beginning of the special operation, the Russian Armed Forces voluntarily laid down their arms and went over to the side of the militia of 525 Ukrainian servicemen. Radical militants also surrendered or were captured. One of them, a member of the neo-Nazi battalion “Aidar” (recognized as an extremist … Read more

The Globe and Mail: Canadian mercenaries were disappointed with the trip to Ukraine

Another mercenary, Mark Preston-Chorin, planned to become a military medic for a foreign corps. They did not find the right vacancy for him, but they offered to sign papers stating that he would remain in the country while they were looking for a job for him. The Canadian refused to become “not allowed to travel … Read more

The Russian Defense Ministry spoke about the liquidation of nationalists and mercenaries in Kharkov

More than 100 nationalists and mercenaries were killed in Kharkov after a high-precision Iskander strike on the Ukrainian defense headquarters. On Saturday, April 2, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, told reporters. “The destruction of more than 100 nationalists and mercenaries from Western countries has been confirmed,” Konashenkov … Read more

Andrey Koshkin about Italian mercenaries in Ukraine: they continue the traditions of Hitler’s accomplices

Leading Italian media, despite diligent attempts to whitewash the Kyiv regime, report that mercenaries of ultra-right, neo-Nazi beliefs are coming from Italy on the side of Ukraine, and specifically the Nazi “Azov” (against the battalion in Russia – approx. FAN), in particular, from the neo-fascist organization CasaPound officially registered in Italy. At the same time, … Read more

Head of E.ON concern: Germany needs three years to reduce dependence on Russian gas | Events in Ukraine at 15:00 March 27: offensive in Severodonetsk, shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Berdyansk | Political scientist Gusev explained the role of Western mercenaries in the Ukrainian crisis | Orientalist Dolgov predicted a jump in fuel prices in the US and Europe due to the shelling of Yemen

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Mercenaries replenish the Armed Forces of Ukraine: in Ukraine, you can earn money and a bullet at the same time

For big money, mercenaries from European countries go to fight in Ukraine on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Doubtful earnings, the source says FAN, military columnistVictor Litovkin. Often the dogs of war (as mercenaries are called on the front lines) are left without the necessary equipment, ammunition and weapons, the expert explains. … Read more

Litovkin on the failure of mercenaries in Ukraine: they felt the power of the Russian Armed Forces in their own skin

However, it turned out that the evil Russians know how to fight. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation dealt such a blow from which the legionnaires were unable to recover. Not only at the Yavorovsky training ground. Mercenaries raked near Zhytomyr and in other places. Nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of adventurers … Read more