Rospatent received an application for the Uncle Vanya trademark to replace McDonald’s Employees of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property have accepted an application for the Uncle Vanya trademark, which can become a worthy replacement for McDonald’s. According to the entry that appeared in the registry on the Rospatent website, the logo consists of the Cyrillic letter “V” on a red background. It is not difficult … Read more

Co-owner of Kroshka Potato considers it possible to implement McDonald’s business model in Russia It is possible to implement the business model of the McDonald’s chain in Russia and repeat its success, Andrey Kononchuk, co-owner of the Kroshka-kartoshka fast food restaurants, said in an interview with He called strange the opinion of the founder of the Teremok chain, who expressed doubt that it would be possible to … Read more

McDonald’s restaurants may reopen in a month and a half

The company can quickly solve the problems that have arisen and continue to work in Russia, a source close to McDonald’s reports. McDonald’s fast food restaurants, which will suspend operations across Russia on March 14, may reopen their doors to visitors in a month and a half, a source close to the company told TASS. … Read more

The suspension of McDonald’s in Russia will cost the company $ 50 million per month

The suspension of 847 McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Russia will cost the company $50 million a month, Reuters reports, citing McDonald’s CFO Kevin Ozan. Yesterday, March 8, McDonald’s announced that it would temporarily close all of its restaurants in Russia due to the military operation in Ukraine. McDonald’s operates 84% ​​of its own establishments … Read more

A resident of Moscow announced the work of the first McDonald’s restaurant in the same mode The first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia continues to operate after reports of a temporary closure of the network. This was reported by a resident of Moscow. Information about the suspension of popular fast food restaurants in the Russian Federation appeared on the Web the day before. The media reported on the closure of 850 … Read more

The menu for Russians is being reduced // What will the departure of the largest fast food operators from Russia lead to?

The mass withdrawal of foreign brands from Russia against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine did not bypass the restaurant market. Following McDonald`s, the owner of the KFC and Pizza Hut brands, Yum!, announced the closure of its own restaurants. Brands. Competitors of these networks may receive additional traffic, but for consumers, reduced … Read more

Temporary departure of McDonald’s: the economist called the conditions for the return of catering to Russia

McDonald’s has announced that it will temporarily close 850 fast food restaurants in Russia and suspend all operations in the market. As explained by the CEO of the corporation Chris Kempchinski, all 62,000 McDonald’s employees in Russia will keep their salaries. As the situation evolves, the company will assess whether “additional measures” need to be … Read more

McDonald’s has filed an application with Rospatent to register the Pa-ra-pa-pa-paam brand

Moscow, 17 February. The application for registration of the Pa-ra-pa-pa-paam brand was submitted to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). The application was submitted by the American corporation McDonald’s, the company intends to register in Russia according to the class of international classification of goods and services, which gives the right to open a … Read more

More than 60 new McDonald’s are being built in the Moscow region

Moscow, 16 February. More than 60 McDonald’s fast food restaurants will be built in the Moscow region. The corresponding agreement was signed by Governor Andrey Vorobyov and General Director of the company Mark Karena. The expansion of the network of establishments is planned to be implemented over the next five years. Thanks to the opening … Read more