Lord support the laptop wider // Sales of Russian equipment in retail require effort

The government, large retailers and Russian electronics manufacturers are discussing the idea of ​​subsidizing the cost of advertising domestic electronics (laptops, system units and tablets) to retail chains. This should increase the recognition of Russian brands in the consumer segment, retailers believe. But electronics manufacturers emphasize that in addition to marketing support, they need preferential … Read more

Rabota.ru: the number of vacancies in IT, marketing and finance increased in July

The largest increase in new vacancies in July was noted in the areas of IT, the Internet and telecom – by 21%, TASS reports with reference to research by the Rabota.ru service. Also last month, the number of new vacancies increased in marketing and advertising (by 16%), in the field of finance and insurance (by … Read more

Ukraine exported $22.2 billion worth of grains and oilseeds in this marketing year

For the 2021/2022 marketing year, Ukraine exported 61.52 million tons of grains and oilseeds for a total of $22.2 billion. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Taras Kachka in Facebookreports Ukrinform. “61.52 million tons of grains and oilseeds, worth $22.2 billion, were exported by Ukraine for the marketing year 2021/2022, which … Read more

Borrowers are viewed with disapproval // MFIs reduce their risks

In the second quarter, microfinance organizations significantly reduced the share of approved client applications for short-term loans. It turned out to be lower not only last year’s values, but also the indicators of the beginning of the year. Tightening the scoring policy reduces the risks of defaults for companies. At the same time, a higher … Read more

The state will support “Trouble” // Russians will be allowed to play war with the Poles

ANO Internet Development Institute (IRI) allocated 260 million rubles to the Novosibirsk studio. for the development by 2024 of a computer game in the ActionRPG genre about the Time of Troubles in Russia. According to its plot, the Russian prince Yuri Miloslavsky, together with Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, will launch a war against the … Read more

Cryptocurrencies have gone the Herbalife way // New investors in cryptocurrency projects are attracted with the help of network marketing and suspicious schemes

The recent record drop in the rates of cryptocurrencies and the value of other cryptoassets has led to the activation of ambiguous or frankly fraudulent schemes to attract unqualified and inexperienced investors to cryptocurrency projects. Regulators in different countries are concerned about the growth of network marketing, the increase in the number of pyramid schemes … Read more

Doctor Myasnikov said that the treatment of parasites in the body is a marketing hoax

Fear of parasites is artificially fueled among Russians because the course of treatment is expensive. The doctor advised citizens not to succumb to the deception of clinics. It is also necessary to find out whether the person really has parasites or it seems to him. There is a psychological disorder – illusory parasitosis, which can … Read more

Market closure // Furniture production is declining, demand is declining, prices are rising

The beginning of the year turned out to be successful for Russian furniture manufacturers, but since March, due to the deep crisis caused by the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, production volumes began to decline. In addition to lower consumer spending, furniture makers are facing narrower distribution channels following the IKEA shutdown. The stress … Read more

Promotion has been pushed back // Specialists in the field of advertising and PR were left without demand

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine in Russia, the demand for specialists in the field of marketing, advertising and PR has fallen sharply – the number of vacancies has decreased by 44%, and the number of resumes has increased by 11%, according to HeadHunter and PR Perfect agency. Experts attribute the imbalance … Read more