Labor migrants set a record // Monitoring of the labor market

In the second quarter of 2022, a record number of labor migrants entered Russia, according to a review by the consulting company FinExpertiza, based on migration statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In April-June of this year, their number reached 3.12 million people, which exceeds the figures for the same period over the past … Read more

US GDP declined for the second quarter in a row // Monitoring of the world economy

US GDP in the second quarter fell by 0.9% year on year, the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis reported yesterday. This is worse than the forecasts of most analysts who expected at least a minimal increase. Let’s be clear: the US indicator shows how much the size of the economy would shrink … Read more

Small business in poor health // The first statistical descriptions of the business results of the lockdowns of 2020 have appeared

The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, contrary to the many and varied assumptions of economists in this regard, had a predictable impact on the structure of entrepreneurship. As a study by American economists based on materials from California showed, the concentration of business sales as a result shifted towards large companies – they recovered more slowly … Read more

Warned, means not fined // FAS cleans up sanctions for violations in procurement

The FAS intends to introduce a risk-based approach when punishing customers and suppliers for violations in public procurement. Thus, the service proposes to introduce differentiated amounts of fines for violations, as well as warnings for a number of compositions, which will reduce administrative pressure on businesses. The preparation of the FAS amendments is largely due … Read more

They didn’t fly away and sailed // Domestic tourism brought the Irkutsk region out of the price reduction trend

The Irkutsk region entered the top three regions of Russia, where annual inflation in June, contrary to the general trend for the Russian Federation, did not slow down, but accelerated by 0.24 percentage points. (up to 18.74%). In Kamchatka and Sakhalin, which are on the same list, analysts explain the acceleration of price growth rates, … Read more

Prove that it helps // The Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to learn how to distinguish effective state support from ineffective

The Ministry of Industry and Trade may soon receive a tool for auditing and improving the effectiveness of industrial support measures and their adjustment in the concept of evidence-based policy. The agency announced a tender for the development by the end of 2022 of a model for the application of flexible regulation based on data … Read more

Beef is dropping from the menu // Cheap imports put pressure on Russian farmers

By the end of this year, meat processors won 200,000 tons of beef from duty-free imports to the Russian Federation, but this had a negative impact on the business of Russian farmers. They cannot compete on price with suppliers of raw materials from abroad, which are at least 25% cheaper, and have practically stopped selling … Read more

Ice Cube and Animated Baking Soda: The Most Interesting Stands at SPIEF 2022 // Video

The annual economic forum has opened in St. Petersburg. SPIEF participating companies creatively approached the design of stands in the main pavilion of Expoforum: Gazprom Neft’s art project in the form of an ice cube “Plunging into the Arctic”; offering to play the animated game “Eating Soda” at the booth of Bashkortostan and the Bashkir … Read more