The audience is confident in the success of the singer MakSim as a mentor of the show “Voice. Children”

According to the audience, the performer of the hit “Do You Know” will successfully prove herself in a new field for her. In addition, MakSim has recently returned to the stage and is again ready to tour, gaining the artistic experience she needs. .

The head of the Federal Scientific Center Maksim Shugaley continues to restore Stakhanov

Head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values Maxim Shugaley again visited the sites of residents of Stakhanov, who turned to him for help. The roof of one house was cut, the foundation of another was severely damaged and needed to be rebuilt, the third was completely burned down, which left its owners … Read more

Maksim Leonidov, who escaped from Russia, gave a concert for pensioners in Israel

Shakhnazarov’s co-host Alexander Karlov was surprised that Leonidov had given a concert for nothing. In response, the publicist explained that the artist gave joy, but still for money, reports However, the room where the artist performed can accommodate only 60 people, so it is unlikely that he earned much at this event, the journalist … Read more

Imperial Brands transferred the rights to West and Maxim cigarette brands to a Russian structure

Cigarette manufacturer Imperial Brands (Davidoff, Gauloises, JPS, Fine, West and others), which announced the suspension of work in the Russian Federation in March, transferred exclusive rights to several brands, including the international West, to its Russian structure – LLC International Tobacco groups.” Under the alienation agreement, the Russian company also received the rights to several … Read more

Unemployment left for the fall // Ministry of Economy shared a slight concern about future employment

Economics Minister Maksim Reshetnikov expects Russia’s record low unemployment rate to rise slightly in the fall, as evidenced by rising rates of underemployment at enterprises, he said. So far, according to surveys by the Gaidar Institute, the proportion of workers who have been transferred to a shorter working day, sent on vacation or are in … Read more

MakSim refused to complain about a fan who burst onto the stage

Recall that the incident with a fan occurred when MakSim performed one of the hits. A fan who broke onto the stage tried to hug the singer, but the guard tried to pull the woman away. At that moment, the fan grabbed the artist by the arm and pulled her, causing the celebrity to fall … Read more

Singer MakSim became one of the headliners of the Ural Music Night festival

MakSim’s performance will take place at Plotinka at midnight local time. In total, more than 30 artists and groups became the headliners of the Ural Music Night, which started on June 24, the TASS press service reported. .