The majority of Poles named rising prices as their most worrying topic

More than half of the inhabitants of Poland called the increase in prices the main topic of concern to them. This follows from survey data published on November 14 by the United Surveys laboratory, the Do rzeczy portal reported. “What is your biggest concern?” – sociologists were interested in the course of the study. As … Read more

Majority of Britons oppose annual allowance for Liz Truss

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KBS: Majority of those killed in Seoul stampede have been identified South Korean police have identified 140 of the 151 people killed in a stampede in Seoul. This was reported by the TV channel KBS. The victims of the tragedy were 97 women and 54 men. Most of them are under 30 years old. It is also known about 82 victims with injuries of varying … Read more

The vast majority of Russians do not want to keep funds in foreign banks

It is noted that 88% of Russians would not want to keep their savings in foreign banks, even if they had such an opportunity. According to VTsIOM analysts, this is mainly of interest to respondents under 25 years of age. In total, 1,600 citizens over 18 took part in the survey, RBC reports. .

Ak Bars beat Traktor, scoring the first goal of the season in the majority

Kazan “Ak Bars” outplayed “Tractor” in the match of the regular championship of the KHL, for the first time in the season by implementing the majority. “Neftekhimik” suffered the tenth consecutive defeat. “Ak Bars” took “Tractor” in Kazan. In the first period, the hosts opened the scoring after an accurate throw by Kirill Panyukov. But … Read more

“Interests of the majority of German voters”: the head of the AfD urged to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv

Federal news agency Co-chairman of the right-wing opposition party of Germany “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) Tino Krupalla urged the government to stop the supply of weapons to Kyiv. As an argument, the politician points to the risk of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, RIA Novosti reports. War in Ukraine – not our war, and we … Read more

Washington did not issue visas to the majority of Russian delegates to the UN General Assembly

Most of the Russian delegation has not yet received American visas for participation in the high-level week of the UN General Assembly session. Moscow expects the speedy issuance of documents. Vasily Nebenzya, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the organization, shared this information with media representatives. .