Daily Mail readers slam Zelensky for plan to join NATO as soon as possible

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for his intention to apply for an accelerated entry of the country into the North Atlantic Alliance. They left comments on the publication’s website, discussing the relevant publication. So, a user under the nickname Davethejag considered that accepting Ukraine into NATO would be … Read more

Daily Mail readers accuse US of sabotage at Nord Stream

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail felt that the administration of US President Joe Biden was behind the incidents on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. The British began to leave their comments under an article dated September 27, in which the newspaper reported on an emergency on gas pipelines. “I … Read more

Daily Mail readers criticize Truss for urging Putin to ignore Putin’s warnings

British Prime Minister Liz Truss was criticized by Daily Mail readers after she called for ignoring Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings. “How can this be a bluff? Putin seems to always be direct, mean what she says. She has a poor understanding of characters and risks our lives,” writes one of the commentators. According to … Read more

The authors of The Mail on Sunday reproached the British authorities for helping Ukraine

Instead, the authors of the material noted, the British authorities continue to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Journalists warned that London’s actions were only prolonging the conflict. According to them, military assistance to Kyiv is fraught with unpredictable consequences for Europe, and also increases the risk of a nuclear clash. .

Daily Mail: Princess Diana wanted to see Prince William on the throne

Global Look Press | Keystone Pictures USA/Keystone Press Agency Princess Diana, Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson once planned to put Prince William on the British throne instead of Charles. This article was written by the Daily Mail. According to the author, this replacement would have allowed the Duke of York to take the … Read more

Daily Mail readers call US General a clown after his words about Russia

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail considered absurd the statement of retired US Army General Kevin Ryan, who announced Russia’s alleged intention to use nuclear weapons. A number of readers saw a threat to the existing world order not in Moscow, but in Washington, and also criticized the publication itself for citing similar accusations … Read more

Daily Mail: Briton regretted her hospitality to Ukrainian refugees

Bernd Wüstneck/dpa/Global Look Press British resident Tanya Fox regretted that she sheltered two Ukrainian refugees. The Daily Mail writes about it. Mother and daughter lived in Berlin for three months before moving. 38-year-old Alena managed to find a temporary job and acquire a chic wardrobe. They moved to the UK with bulky luggage – it … Read more