Electronics undercover // Julia Tishina on the contradictions of the current digital agenda

At least a dozen discussions in the SPIEF program were in one way or another devoted to digital, of which about half were managed. But it seems that I didn’t lose too much: behind the loud names “Russian world-class IT solutions: response to global challenges”, “Structural changes: a new path for Runet” or “The path … Read more

A loud bang rang out in the sky over Simferopol

Marwan Naamani/dpa/Global Look Press A loud bang was heard in Simferopol. The reasons for the incident are being investigated, Oleg Kryuchkov, Advisor to the Head of Crimea, told FAN. Local residents did not contact emergency services. The reason for the pop in the sky was most likely the plane crossing the sound barrier, Kryuchkov emphasized. … Read more

Police start checking after conflict with shooting over loud music in Kuzbass

According to law enforcement officers, a 42-year-old local resident listened to music in the car at night with friends. One Kemerovo resident reprimanded him because of the volume of the compositions, as a result of which the men began to quarrel. .

Loud pops are heard over the Belgorod region

globallookpress/Nikolay Gyngazov Loud pops are again heard over the Belgorod region and its regional center. Many residents of the region in social networks report this. No comments have been received from the regional authorities yet. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the correspondent. In the last month, there have been several attacks … Read more

Loud sounds in the sky over Belgorod explained by the work of the Russian Aerospace Forces

The loud sounds that sounded in the sky over Belgorod are connected with the work of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia. The safety of local residents is not in danger, the operational headquarters of the region said. .