In the DPR, the Aidara nationalist battalion lost more than half of its personnel

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The West has lost its governing role in the world: political scientist Drobnitsky deciphered Erdogan’s message

Xinhua/Global Look Press Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he sees no options for the world powers to overcome the Ukrainian crisis. According to the political scientist Dmitry DrobnitskyErdogan managed to point out some of the truth in his statement. The Turkish President reproached the West for the fact that world powers do not even … Read more

A young Hyundai driver died in a head-on collision with a foreign car on the highway near Tula

The incident occurred this morning on the 30th kilometer of the Lapotkovo-Efremov highway. According to the department, the driver of the Audi lost control and flew into the oncoming lane, crashing into the Hyundai. .

Elon Musk lost tens of millions of dollars due to one solar flare

Such flares are not uncommon on the Sun, but one of the last ones turned out to be catastrophic for artificial satellites of the Earth. The solar matter, having reached the planet, heated the atmosphere and increased the air density at an altitude of 209 kilometers, where Starlink spacecraft were sent. .

Jeff Bezos has lost his place to Gautam Adani in the ranking of the richest people in the world

At the beginning of the year, Adani was only in 14th place, but in a few months he managed to increase his fortune to 146.9 billion dollars. Now it is overtaken only by Elon Musk. The value of the assets of the founder of SpaceX is 260 billion dollars. .

A nine-year-old boy died under a timber truck in front of a friend in the Sverdlovsk region

The incident occurred this morning in the village of Staroutkinsk. Previously, the boy appeared on the roadway suddenly. The truck driver, who was traveling at a speed of 30-40 km/h, tried to slow down, but failed to avoid the collision. The child died from his injuries at the scene of the accident. .

Yuzhnouralets lost 40 thousand rubles when ordering an intimate service

As soon as he transferred 40 thousand rubles to the specified account, the connection with the administrator of the brothel was cut off. At the request of the victim, a criminal case was initiated under the article “Fraud”. .

A resident of the Moscow region lost the Orthodox cross and was raped in the park The attacker robbed and raped a 29-year-old man who had fallen asleep in the suburbs, Baza reports. The victim went over with alcohol, so he began to sleep on a bench. A passer-by noticed a local resident and stole a ring, a phone and a cross from his bag, after which he went for … Read more