A group of five tourists got lost in Kamchatka

The regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia confirmed the information about the disappearance of tourists. According to the department, in the morning they were approached by a local resident who reported the disappearance of her daughter and son-in-law. They set off towards the springs in a black Toyota Surf. .

Americans lost their temper after Biden’s statement about readiness to fight with China

Federal News Agency American Twitter users were furious at US President Joe Biden’s statement about China. They attacked the politician on social media. Earlier, the head of state expressed readiness to side with Taiwan in the war against China. Commentators concluded that the US and the world as a whole were in “great danger”. They … Read more

Peresild commented on the news of the death of Puskepalis with a lost voice

Global Look Press | Ekaterina Tsvetkova Actress Yulia Peresild reacted to the news of the death of Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Puskepalis. She spoke of a dead colleague in a lost voice. Peresild knew Puskepalis through work. The actors starred together in the historical television series Golden Horde. When the journalists called the artist, … Read more

Employees of the GKU MO “Mosoblpozhspas” rescued a lost man in the forest

NEVA NEWS | Kirill Kontorshchikov Employees of the 204th fire and rescue unit of the Mosoblpozhspas GKU MO found and brought a lost man out of the forest. The incident took place in a forest near the village of Ostashevo, Volokolamsk urban district. According to the infoce-klin.ru website, a 39-year-old local resident signaled to the … Read more

Shipilin: because of the West, the EU countries lost their independence in foreign policy

pxhere.com Member States The European Union is deeply dependent on the United States and has completely subordinated the organization’s foreign policy to the interests of the White House. Political scientist Pavel Shipilin voiced this opinion in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency. European states do not stop supporting the … Read more