Viktor Orban: Ukraine may lose half of its territory

Ukraine may lose a significant part of its land. This opinion was expressed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “The conflict in Ukraine threatens to drag on until 2030, and Kyiv may end up losing a third or half of its territory,” he said at a closed meeting of the Fidesz-Hungarian Civil Union party. At … Read more

The United States will lose its claims to leadership due to the alliance between Russia and China

Washington risks losing its claims to leadership due to Russia’s close cooperation with China. Rebecca Koffler, a former employee of the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, shared this opinion in a material for Fox News. .

The Guardian: Almost 100 employees of the residence of Charles III may lose their jobs

Global Look Press | Pool/Keystone Press Agency About a hundred employees of the residence of King Charles III of Great Britain received reports of a possible dismissal. Many of them “served the crown” for decades, writes The Guardian. Among them are servants, personal secretaries, employees of the financial department and others. The bad news was … Read more

The authors of Vzglyad explained why Western solar panels will lose to Russian gas

Federal news agency The West expects to replace Russian gas with alternative energy sources in the form of solar panels. However, this may be hindered by special operating requirements, the Vzglyad newspaper wrote. It is noted that for the effective operation of such batteries, it is necessary to install them perpendicular to the sun in … Read more

Ex-official Natarov accused of pedophilia will lose property worth 400 million rubles

Recall that the ex-official is accused of pedophilia and violation of anti-corruption laws. The investigation found that the income of Natarov and his wife for the period from 2011 to 2019 amounted to 12 million rubles. At the same time, the couple bought a house and a land plot in Krasnogorsk, a two-story apartment and … Read more

Medvedev will lose the first line in the ATP rankings at the end of the US Open

Russian tennis player, current world number one Daniil Medvedev lost to Australian Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round match of the US Open (US Open). Thus, at the end of the tournament, the athlete will lose first place in the ranking of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The meeting took place on September 4 … Read more

Estonian Eesti Raudtee will lose 20 million euros due to anti-Russian sanctions The national railway company of Estonia, Eesti Raudtee, will lose about 20 million euros in 2022 against the backdrop of restrictions imposed against Russia. This was stated by the chairman of the board of the organization Kaido Zimmermann. According to him, in August last year, an average of 7.5 trains a day passed through … Read more