Technologies in animal husbandry have long been used for the benefit of people: Onishchenko on “stem chicken”

Yes, and technologies with a change in living tissue have been successfully used for several years in various sectors of the national economy, including in our country, the FAN interlocutor adds. Onishchenko cited the example of chicken, which is produced and consumed in Russia in the amount of several million tons. The chicken is grown … Read more

Vladimir Presnyakov appeared in public after a long struggle with COVID-19

As it turned out, the singer took part in the presentation, which greatly surprised the fans. The recovery of the artist after the illness has not yet been completed, but this did not prevent him from working out the event with a smile on his face. .

European Commission says Ukrainian refugees will stay in Europe for ‘long years’

According to her, immigrants from Ukraine will remain in European countries for “many years.” In addition, the citizens of the host countries will have to put up with the inconvenience that has arisen. .

The son of Efremov, who is serving a sentence, was published for the first time in a long time

Global Look Press | Ekaterina Tsvetkova Actor Nikita Efremov appeared in public for the first time in a long time. The son of the serving actor Mikhail Efremov attended the premiere of the horror film “Sisters” in Moscow. The film screening took place at the KARO 11 October cinema on November 20. Efremov Jr. came … Read more

Poland has been fighting in Ukraine for a long time and with pleasure: political scientist Zasorin announced the facts

And here it is important to remember that Polish mercenaries or instructors participated in the civil war in Ukraine since 2014. And there are facts proving that the Poles at that time already took part in the suppression of the Donbass protests for liberation from the Ukrainian regime. Therefore, this is a long history, the … Read more