Rogov announced a decrease in the load at the sixth power unit of the Zaporizhzhya NPP after the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is reported that the load was reduced to 13.5% of the design capacity, that is, the power unit was operating at only 125 MW with a design capacity of one thousand MW. .

Enforcement of government contracts will be crushed by the ceiling // The Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce it for state construction projects

As part of state construction contracts, the Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce the maximum amount of security for their execution. Thus, its amount may be limited to 15% of the cost for contracts more than 1 billion rubles. and 20% for contracts of lower amounts – it is now not uncommon for contractors to … Read more

The capture of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a load of bulletproof vests and weapons was shown on video

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine A video of the detention of Ukrainian soldiers with a load of body armor and portable anti-tank systems came into the possession of Russian military correspondents. Ukrainian soldiers, along with bulletproof vests and weapons, were caught by scouts from the Southern Military District and caused an ironic reaction from them. … Read more

The debt burden of Russians by the beginning of 2022 rose to a historical maximum

By January 1 this year, the debt burden of Russian households was at a record level – 10.6%, follows from the Financial Stability Review of the Bank of Russia. In March, the situation changed, as the Russians began to increasingly postpone the decision to take out a loan. The debt burden of the population in … Read more

Bankers ask for data protection // New bill overloads financial institutions

The bill on strengthening the protection of personal data of citizens, adopted in the first reading, raised many questions from financiers. According to the National Council of the Financial Market, it significantly increases the burden on financial organizations, and if the law is adopted in its current form, then Roskomnadzor will have to report every … Read more

Barriers hinder growth // IMF warns of danger of disintegration

By the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned of the risks of “geo-economic fragmentation” that threatens many countries with additional costs. To prevent disintegration, the fund is calling for a reduction in trade barriers and debt burden, as well as the development of an international public digital … Read more

Not by a single bill // Large companies are asking to defer the introduction of tax payments in a general payment

The planned transition of companies in 2023 to the single tax account (UST) mechanism, designed to reduce the administrative burden on small businesses, for large taxpayers may result in increased costs due to the need to restructure business processes. Representatives of large companies spoke about such risks in the State Duma yesterday, asking to delay … Read more

Banks have little relief // They are asking to postpone a number of future requirements

Market participants are asking the Central Bank to reduce the regulatory burden on operations that do not directly affect the financial result. Banks want to delay the implementation of the Know Your Customer platform, commercial biometric requirements and a number of other innovations. However, the regulator is not yet ready for new easing. .