the usual standard of living is collapsing before the eyes of the Germans

According to them, the German authorities are trying to fight the energy crisis by allocating funds to support the population, but this does not help. Residents of the country continue to watch their former standard of living fall, and factories continue to close. Including enterprises for the production of toilet paper – for example, Hackle. … Read more

The Russian woman listed the main disadvantages of living in Germany A tourist from Russia visited Germany and warned her compatriots what to prepare for when moving to a European country. The girl noted that the Germans often complain, because in Germany it is customary to strictly observe all the rules and laws. The tourist noted that such pedantry gives a sense of justice and … Read more

The Germans were horrified by the number of Ukrainian refugees living on welfare in Germany German readers of the newspaper Die Welt reacted to the news about the increase in the population of Germany due to refugees who arrived from Ukraine. At the beginning of 2022, the number of inhabitants exceeded 84 million for the first time, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office. According to citizens, such … Read more

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the minimum wage and the cost of living

The minimum wage is the minimum wage that a Russian citizen must by law receive for his work, and the living wage is the conditional cost of the necessary consumer basket, which includes the necessary food, non-food products, as well as services and utility bills. .

Thousands of Slovak citizens demanded the resignation of the government due to falling living standards

It is noted that thousands of Slovak residents took to the protest action. The protesters accused the ruling elite of the republic of usurping power. Citizens say the government refuses to listen to its own people. For this reason, they demand a referendum on the early resignation of the government. .

Russians living in London complained that they were tired of the protracted farewell to Elizabeth II

The owner of the real estate agency Alisa Zotimova noted that the day of the funeral of Elizabeth II in the UK was declared a day off. All stores, including grocery stores, will be closed, which will hit businesses. Moreover, the farewell ceremony for the Queen will cost the UK about 6 billion pounds, which … Read more

Economist Grigoriev expects a decline in living standards in rich countries

Candidate of Economic Sciences, financial expert Vladimir Grigoriev believes that the standard of living in wealthy countries may decline significantly. He is confident that the world may face a global food crisis, reports. .