The sudden disconnection of the Russian Federation from BRELL will result in grave consequences for the Baltic states

Against the backdrop of events taking place in the international arena, Russia may accelerate the commissioning of an independent energy system in the Kaliningrad region, refusing to participate in the BRELL project. Moscow may in the near future be disconnected from the networks that support the power of this energy network. Such a decision will … Read more

How referendums in the liberated territories will change the situation in the world, will be discussed in Patriot

How will referendums in the liberated territories change the situation in the world? Are analysts talking about a war with Poland in the coming years? What will mobilization give and what is the reaction to it in Russia and in the world? For three days, in Donetsk alone, 22 civilians were killed by Western weapons, … Read more

Residents of Lithuania faced an increase in the price of some goods by almost 40%

Prices for a range of goods jumped in July in Latvia. This is confirmed by the information of the Department of Statistics of the Baltic Republic. The agency reports that those positions that were imported from outside the eurozone have risen in price more than others. .

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region called the cause of the outbreak of African swine fever Contact of domestic pigs with wild boars could cause an outbreak of African plague in the Kaliningrad region, the regional Ministry of Agriculture reported. In keeping livestock, violations of veterinary rules on free range were revealed. At the same time, it is not possible to establish whether the infected wild boars came to the … Read more

Lithuanian security forces brutally beat refugees from Iran and expelled them to Belarus

It all happened in the Ostrovets region on the border with Lithuania. Belarusian border guards found a family of refugees from Iran, among whom was a pregnant woman. It turned out that all of them were forcibly taken from Lithuania to the Belarusian border. .