General Salyukov listed the drones that performed well during the NWO

“In the tactical level of the Ground Forces, small and light reconnaissance systems with short-range and short-range UAVs, as well as short and medium flight durations are operated. During the special military operation, the Orlan-10, Orlan-30 complexes have proven themselves on the positive side” and Eleron-3,” Salyukov told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper. Recall that the … Read more

The Russians were listed three steps for the prompt sale of a mortgage apartment The quick sale of a mortgaged apartment will require three steps, real estate market experts said in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. First, the seller needs to obtain permission from the bank to conduct the transaction. You should not delay applying to a credit institution, says Nadezhda Korkka, managing partner of Metrium. According to her, … Read more

Naturopath Zimenskaya listed foods that should not be eaten during the cold season The human body adjusts to the winter mode with the onset of cold weather. What foods can not be eaten at this time of the year, said gastroenterologist and naturopath Anna Zimenskaya. Each person has their own health-related characteristics. However, when the air temperature drops, the body becomes more sensitive to such fluctuations. “In … Read more

The Russian woman listed the main disadvantages of living in Germany A tourist from Russia visited Germany and warned her compatriots what to prepare for when moving to a European country. The girl noted that the Germans often complain, because in Germany it is customary to strictly observe all the rules and laws. The tourist noted that such pedantry gives a sense of justice and … Read more

Dr. Kulgavchuk listed relationship-destroying mistakes in sex

According to the expert, several factors can aggravate intimate relationships at once. Including the lack of an orgasm in a woman, a mismatch of desires, comparisons of a partner with other people, or sexually transmitted diseases. To salvage the situation, the doctor suggested courting the relationship or seeing a doctor. .

Immunologist Estrina listed the beneficial and harmful properties of honey

According to her, natural bee honey helps to strengthen the immune system, saturates the body with vitamins and polyphenols. However, at the same time, it does not contain the most useful fast carbohydrates, so they should not be abused, Izvestia reports. .

Therapist Golubenko listed the main causes of constant fatigue and drowsiness in women Constant fatigue and drowsiness can occur in women for various reasons. Therapist Lidia Golubenko told how this condition can be caused. One of the factors for the appearance of weakness is often iron deficiency, which leads to the development of anemia and sideropenia. In addition, fatigue can be associated with a lack of magnesium, … Read more

En Son Haber listed the main signs of vitamin C deficiency Vitamin C is a substance necessary for the body that strengthens the immune system. What signs indicate its deficiency, the authors of the En Son Haber portal told. Vitamin C deficiency is not common, as this substance is found in many foods. But with a deficiency, the state of health begins to change. For … Read more

Therapist Kalandia listed the necessary medicines in the home first aid kit

With allergies, skin itching or watery eyes, antihistamines help. Therapist Kalandia recommends choosing drugs that do not cause drowsiness. For the treatment of wounds, it is necessary to have hydrogen peroxide, ointment or chlorhexidine in the medicine cabinet. Last on the list, the doctor calls antacids, which help with heartburn or belching. .