Reconstruction of a children’s camp will be held in the Lipetsk region

In the Lipetsk region, they planned the reconstruction of the Prometheus children’s camp, which is located in the Yamansky forestry of the Gryazinsky district. This was announced on Wednesday, September 28, by the Abireg news agency with reference to the regional authorities. Up to 3 billion rubles can be allocated for the restoration of the … Read more

The production of Evolute electric vehicles was launched at a plant in the Lipetsk region

In the Lipetsk region, the Motorinvest plant launched the production of electric vehicles under the Evolute brand. The first model to roll off the assembly line was the Evolute I-Pro sedan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade told reporters on September 28. The new car is equipped with a 53 kW traction battery and a … Read more

The forwarder appropriated the goods of the online store for almost 100 thousand rubles near Lipetsk

An employee of the sorting center of an online store reported to law enforcement agencies about the theft of goods. The incident occurred in the village of Kuleshovka in the Lipetsk region, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region reports. .

Automobile plant “Motorinvest” in the Lipetsk region will open on September 28

Officially, the exact start date of the project has not yet been announced, although both the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the regional government said that this would happen before the end of September. “As promised, we will launch the plant on schedule. Opening very soon,” the head of the region, Igor Artamonov, wrote … Read more

In Lipetsk, volunteers are looking for a woman who took time off from work and disappeared without a trace A resident of Lipetsk disappeared after taking time off from work due to poor health. The search for a woman continues for the fourth day. This was told in the regional detachment “LizaAlert”. According to the orientation, the Lipchanka disappeared on the morning of September 13th. Shortly before this, she had suffered an illness, … Read more

Exit from Lipetsk to be expanded to four lanes

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Pit bull bit off the ear of a three-year-old kid in Lipetsk

In Lipetsk, a three-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull dog. The incident took place in the apartment, in the presence of the mother of the child. The baby’s father told GOROD48 that he and his former common-law wife have two children. The youngest child, after the separation of his parents, remained to live … Read more