The price limit for Russian oil may not fall into the eighth package of EU sanctions

The European Union will not work out the details of limiting the cost of oil from Russia, Rickard Jozwiak, a correspondent for Radio Liberty✱ (a media outlet that acts as a foreign agent), said on Twitter. He reports that this measure may not be included in the newly compiled sanctions list. .

Revealed the limit of inflating the dollar, which will destroy the economy

Analyst Syrovatkin: the BBDXY dollar index rose to a critical level over the year © Depositphotos / VadimVaseninAmerican dollars © Depositphotos / VadimVasenin American dollars. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 25 – RIA Novosti. The strengthening of the dollar significantly affects the global economy, since the bulk of world settlements take place in the US currency, … Read more

The EEC extended the duty-free import limit of one thousand euros until April 1, 2023

The EEC extended the limit of duty-free importation into the EAEU of one thousand euros until April 1, 2023 © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ankov / Go to mediabankCustoms control zone © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ankov Go to mediabank Customs control zone. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 23 – RIA Novosti. The threshold for duty-free … Read more

Analyst Lynova recommended that Russians limit access to the camera on phones

At the time of installation, users should carefully study the functionality of the application in order to understand which permissions are reasonable to give and which are not. Lynova also emphasized that a similar action should be taken before installing application updates, as developers may have new requirements. .

Deputy State Duma Nilov proposed to remove the limit on transfers without commission through the SBP

The deputy believes that such a decision will have a positive impact on confidence in the Russian financial system. The measure can also help improve the well-being of Russians and will not lead to significant costs for credit institutions, Nilov concluded. .

Expert Shapkin urged to limit the use of champagne to children

According to Shapkin, consistent systemic efforts by the Ministry of Health to limit the consumption of alcohol by Russians could have an even greater effect if adults were aware of their responsibility for the healthy future of their children. As Shapkin explained, many parents still pour champagne for their children on New Year’s Eve. This … Read more