US Air Force F-35 Lightning II fighters will receive a Block 4 upgrade package

It is noted that the modernization of fifth-generation aircraft will cost the Pentagon $15 billion. It is known that the F-35 will receive a Technology Refresh-3 CPU update. It is emphasized that the improvement of each US Air Force fighter will take 14 days. .

Lightning struck in the ear and damaged the brain of a British woman relaxing on a Croatian beach

A British citizen spent time with her children in the Croatian city of Split, writes the portal A42.RU. Eyewitnesses of the electrical discharge were able to help the victim by giving her artificial respiration. Then the British woman was taken to a local hospital, and from there was transported to the UK. Despite the efforts … Read more

Defense industry: Il-76MD-90 aircraft will be able to carry up to eight Molniya drones

prt scr / Aviation video The Il-76MD-90 military transport aircraft will be able to carry up to eight Molniya drones. This was told to TASS by a source in the military-industrial complex. UAVs “Lightning” are capable of solving the tasks of fire destruction of enemy targets, conducting reconnaissance. The device is being created as … Read more

In Sevastopol, a lightning strike caused cotton in an office building

NEVA NEWS | Areg Ervan In Sevastopol, a loud bang was heard on the territory of an office building after a lightning strike on the roof. Glass in the windows was shattered in some rooms. This was announced by the governor of the city Mikhail Razvozhaev in his Telegram channel. The incident occurred near the … Read more

Lightning strikes plane flying from Milan to Naples

A lightning strike hit an EasyJet plane. The incident occurred on Sunday in the skies over Italy. The aircraft was flying from Naples to Milan. According to the newspaper Il Messaggero, because of the emergency, he landed urgently at the airport in Bari. Of the 90 passengers, no one was hurt. However, a lightning strike … Read more