Simb, owner of the RussAfrik information portal: cooperation with Russia will save Africa from the lies of the neo-colonialists

Global Look Press | Carsten Reisinger/ Yaounde, 22 September. Cameroonian businessman and information resource owner RussAfrik Emile Parfait Simb commented on anti-French rallies in Niger and called on African countries to actively cooperate with Russia. According to the entrepreneur, the Black Continent is tired of the pressure of the former metropolis. The rallies in Niamey … Read more

Trump accuses Democrats of spreading lies about Russia

The US Democratic Party and its representatives spread disinformation, including on issues related to Russia. This was announced on Saturday, September 18, by former US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters in Ohio. His speech was broadcast by Newsmax TV channel. “They don’t talk about being the party of disinformation, including on … Read more

What lies ahead for Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as British Prime Minister?

successor Boris Johnson it will be very difficult in a new post, as she will become the object of discontent of the British this autumn against the backdrop of rising prices and falling living standards. He shared this opinion in an interview with FAN political scientist, historian, journalist Jacob Evglevsky. .

Human rights activist Baraka said that Amnesty International exposed Zelensky’s lies about the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Amnesty International accused the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky of distorting the facts regarding the actions of the defenders of the Kyiv regime. This was announced on Friday, August 5, by American human rights activist Ajamu Baraka. “Now Zelenskiy is implying that Amnesty International has ‘fallen under the spell of Kremlin propaganda’ by pointing out … Read more

Congressman Waltz: Biden’s lies about Russia led to a loss of American confidence Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0 US leader Joe Biden’s false statements about Russia have led to the fact that the people of the country have lost confidence in him. This opinion was expressed by Congressman Mike Waltz in an interview with Newsmax. The politician believes that Biden is trying to shift the responsibility for high inflation … Read more

I am shocked by the amount of grain destroyed in Mariupol and the lies of the Western media

German journalist Aline Lipp managed to visit the Mariupol port and see with my own eyes tons of grain, which was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the retreat. As she said in an interview with FANshe was shocked by the amount of wheat and corn that had fallen into disrepair and by … Read more

Arestovich, nicknamed “Lyusya”: Mezhevich announced the lies of Kyiv regarding the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities will publish only those data that are beneficial to them. About it in an interview FAN said the president of the Baltic Studies Association Nikolai Mezhevich. Formerly Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich For the first time since the beginning of the special operation … Read more

No Russophobic lies: the Cat explained what the lessons on the History of Russia should be

Children should be protected from being presented with Russophobic lies in school lessons. About it in an interview FAN political scientist and publicist said Yuri Kot. Former head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Kravtsovsaid that the department plans to introduce an additional course in the history of Russia in high school. … Read more

US tells tales: military expert appreciated the Pentagon’s lies about Russian weapons

The United States traditionally lies, telling the world that all the achievements of Russia in the field of military equipment are based on American and Western technologies. This was stated by the military observer Victor Litovkin. So interlocutor FAN commented on the news that the US Department of Defense investigation team used magnifying glasses, screwdrivers … Read more