Turkish Stream operator applies for license renewal

Turkish Stream operator applies for renewal of export license © RIA Novosti / Vitaly TimkivCompressor station “Kazachya”, part of the gas pipeline system to ensure gas supplies for the “Turkish Stream” © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv The Kazachya compressor station, which is part of the gas pipeline system to ensure gas supplies for the … Read more

Turkish Stream operator announces license revocation due to EU sanctions

The EU sanctions of September 18 led to the early revocation of the export license from the Turkish Stream operator. This was announced on September 29 by the gas pipeline operator South Stream Transport BV The company noted that throughout 2022, the European Union periodically introduced additional restrictions aimed at restricting the export of technologies, … Read more

Turkish Stream operator loses license due to EU sanctions

Global Look Press | Viktor Lisitsyn Further European Union sanctions led to the premature revocation of the export license from South Stream Transport BV The firm operates as the operator of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. According to representatives of the organization, throughout 2022, Western countries regularly expanded the list of restrictions. This was done … Read more

Turkish Stream gas pipeline operator’s export license revoked due to sanctions

The export license of the operator of the Turkish Stream offshore gas pipeline was revoked ahead of schedule due to EU sanctions on September 18, the gas pipeline operator said. The Turkish Stream gas pipeline was laid from the Anapa region of the Krasnodar Territory of Russia along the bottom of the Black Sea to … Read more

The Russians were told about the new format of driver’s license from October 1

What does the experiment with digital rights from October 1 mean and is it possible for drivers not to take a plastic ID with them. Dmitry Bezdelin, a lawyer at the European Legal Service, spoke about this on September 28. In an interview with the Prime agency, Bezdelin specified that electronic rights in the form … Read more

A drunken resident of Stavropol gave the traffic police inspectors pills instead of a driver’s license

A drunken resident of the Stavropol Territory provided traffic police inspectors not with a driver’s license, but with pills from the glove compartment of a car. Law enforcement officials drew up an administrative protocol against the man, the traffic police reports in the region. .

The Basmanny Court of Moscow annulled the license of the media created by the Novaya Gazeta team

The lawsuit came from Roskomnadzor. The department noted that the magazine had not been published for more than a year. So, the publication was registered in 2009, and the first issue of the issue was released in July 2022. .

License plate used by alleged killer Dugina deregistered due to loss in Kazakhstan

prt scr youtube.com/1RNK The car license plate of Kazakhstan, which was used by the alleged killer of journalist Daria Dugina, was deregistered due to loss. This statement was made by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan in an interview with RIA Novosti. Recall that Dugina was killed on the evening of August … Read more